When most people are encouraged to ‘realise their potential’, they automatically think that they need to look ‘out there’ for a way to cultivate it and so they go to work on learning a new skill, climbing the corporate ladder, attaining another qualification, or training for a marathon etc.

What they don’t get is that we don’t need to look outside of ourselves to realise our potential because our potential is already inside of us. Instead, we need to look ‘in here’ to realise that it’s there. Except it’s much easier said than done! The issue is that for some reason it’s difficult for us to even see that our potential is there. That’s because our past experiences and conditioning have obscured our ability to see it, let alone embody it, and better still use it.

How can we ‘realise our potential’?

We need to embark on an expedition of inner excavation in order to uncover layer upon layer of conditioning that no longer serves us until we reach the gold at the core of our being. And once we find this gold – our ‘pure potential’ – we need to embody it until it becomes our default state. Then finally we need to learn to use it so that our friends, our family, our community, our organisation, and our world gets to benefit from it to.

So what does this inner excavation entail?

The most powerful formula that we have discovered (and shared with thousands of people) is a combination of Effortless Meditation and inner growth work. Effortless Meditation is a specific type of meditation which generates a unique pattern of brainwaves that has the automatic effect of deprograming our conditioned belief systems from the limbic system of the brain. Our inner growth work fast tracks this process by providing an intellectual understanding that enables us to actively break the cycles and patterns which run us.

Where to start?

Wherever you left off! If you’re reading this newsletter but have fallen off the meditation bandwagon – it’s never too late to jump back on! Grab a studio pass to get your guided meditation on ASAP (in-person or online). If you’re meditating regularly with the studio but haven’t done our Centred Self program (previously: Centred Edge) – what are you waiting for? If you’ve been on a retreat or done Centred Self/Edge – your next stop is Centred Life! And if you’ve done the whole gamut – then our Meditation Teacher Training is your ultimate game-changer for life! Wherever you’re at, we can’t wait to be part of the next phase of your journey!