Woohoo – the lockdown is over, we finally have freedom… right???

Let’s face it…This freedom thing ain’t that easy!

It seems that with physical freedom also comes mental restraint.

On the one hand we get more time with friends and family, on the other hand we get less time for ourselves.

We’re finding that expectations are outdoing our excuses and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is overriding our free-time as we watch our calendars fill up with activities, arrangements and appointments.

And for those of us heading back into the office, we’ve been forced to swap our self-care for our commute, give up our meditations for meetings, and sub our fitness for fast-food.

On top of it, we’re now dealing with the extra weight we’ve gained, the social confidence we’ve lost, and the autonomy we’ve had to say goodbye to.

No doubt some old friends are rearing their ugly heads… the dread of ‘sunday-itis’, the doubt of ‘imposter syndrome’, the anxiety of ‘future forecasting’.

As a result, the negative self-talk is amplifying inside of our heads and the uncomfortable emotions are stirring up inside of our bellies.

It’s not all fun and games after all…

We want you to know that we get it and we’ve got you. 

That’s why we are opening our studio doors next week already. We decided that we want to be there for you. To ensure that you have your secret sanctuary, your urban oasis, your hidden escape, when you need it most!

You’re welcome back home exactly as you are. With all the mixed feelings and all the hesitation.

Remember that with change comes uncertainty. And with uncertainty comes discomfort. So allow yourself to dwell in the transition. Be kind to yourself.

And above all – keep meditating!