Personally, our Here & Now Retreats are our favourite weekends of the year. There’s nothing quite like being surrounded by our beautiful Centred Tribe away from the hustle and bustle of city life, completely devoted to transforming the lives of our participants. There’s a palpable atmosphere of authenticity, trust, connection, and compassion. It kind of feels like a mini ‘utopia’!

We know our guests feel the same way…it’s what keeps them coming back a second, third, fourth time (watch their testimonials below)! Have you ever considered coming on one of our retreats but aren’t quite sure what to expect / whether you can justify taking time out for yourself? Well you might have the wrong idea…

When most people think about a meditation retreat, what comes to mind is a relaxing weekend away to just ‘zen out’ for a few days straight. It sounds luxurious and self-indulgent and somewhat unjustifiable to their spouses or even themselves! Whilst there is definitely a time and place for chilling out (we are big advocates of this), we thought we would take the time to explain how our retreats offer something quite distinct to that picture alone.

Here’s a more accurate snapshot of what our signature Here & Now Retreat actually looks like:

  • The foundation of our retreat: a unique programme which artfully blends Effortless Meditation practices and inner growth processes. During the meditation sessions, you enjoy a specially curated sequence fusing the breath, body, and mind which in turn heightens your state of consciousness. This preps you perfectly for the inner growth sessions to come where you delve into the core of your being to delicately uncover layer upon layer of conditioning that no longer serves you.
  • Throw into the mix: nature bathing, sensory experiences, and individual coaching.
  • Insert: delicious meals, enriching socialising, and thought-provoking documentaries.
  • Mount it all on a backdrop of: strolling, journaling, reading, enjoying a massage, and sleeping.
  • The result? A truly transformative experience leaving you with newfound awareness, contentment and freedom that paves the way for previously unimaginable possibilities to consider and adventures to embark on.

If that all sounds too theoretical, we’ve collated sentiments from our previous retreatgoers to give you a more subjective account of their experience…









Got some outstanding hesitations? Here are answers to our FAQs…

  1. I’ve only just started meditating, won’t a retreat be too advanced for me?
    No. We’ve had plenty of participants attend our retreats who have never meditated before. The first thing we do is teach everyone Self-Directed Effortless Meditation and there is plenty of opportunity for debriefing throughout the three days to ensure you are highly competent and confident in your technique.
  2. I’ve been on numerous retreats before, aren’t I beyond them?
    No! We strongly recommend attending at least two retreats a year, no matter how long you have been practicing (we’ve been practicing collectively for over a century). The stress release and self-awareness that occurs on a retreat is worth months and months of daily meditation practice. And we can ALWAYS do with more stress release and self-awareness!
  3. Will a retreat change who I am?
    You definitely won’t change the productive parts of yourself. You’ll hopefully rid yourself of some unproductive aspects though! The intention of the retreat is to uncover what no longer serves you and begin to express more of your fullest potential.
  4. Who facilitates the retreat?
    Our retreats are facilitated by Walter Bellin, Robert Meredith, Kevin Janks, and Nikki Janks who between them have over a century of experience in meditation, personal growth, coaching, and leadership development.
  5. What kind of people attend the retreat?
    A diverse range of people of different ages, professions, and backgrounds! No matter whether you work full time, part-time, or no time, have a family or are single, have been meditating for years or never practiced at all – you will fit right in.
  6. What is the food like?
    All meals are vegetarian, ranging in different cuisines, and prepared fresh every day from two on-site chefs. They are absolutely delicious and a favourite for the participants! If you have special dietary requirements, we can cater accordingly.
  7. What is the accommodation like?
    The retreat is being hosted at a brand new retreat centre called Brightlands Retreat in the majestic Blue Mountains. All the boutique rooms have an ensuite and are super comfortable. There’s also the option to indulge in a massage, facial, body scrub or de-stress ritual in their wellness centre.
  8. I don’t drive, how will I get there?
    If you would like to carpool, we will attempt to find someone who lives near your area to give you a lift. Or, you are welcome to take the train to Leura Train Station and we will collect you from there.
  9. I can’t take time off from work.
    We are happy to write your boss a letter detailing how the retreat will positively impact your work. We have had a number of participants in the past whose work even paid for them to attend.
  10. I can’t afford it right now.
    We would hate for this to be your only obstacle. Please speak to us about a payment plan and we will work something out together.
  11. What about COVID-19 safety?
    We will be following NSW Health regulations regarding COVID Safety measures, including all participants being double vaccinated, practicing proper hygiene, encouraging face masks (for those who want to), as well as rapid antigen tests on arrival (these have been shown to pick up the COVID-19 virus very early in the infection, sometimes before symptoms even appear).

Ready to book your bed? Call 1300 288 902 or email nikki@centredmeditation.com.au NOW. We’d absolutely love to support you in finally making it to our Here and Now Retreat!