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New to the Centred Meditation Studio?

We offer drop-in meditation sessions and mindfulness programs for urban professionals to access more calm, clarity, and confidence.

Drop-In Meditation Sessions

Our unique guided sequences make meditation easy, enjoyable, and effective. Our contemporary nature and comfortable armchairs help you feel right at home…

Programs & Retreats

Our peak performance programs, community events, and weekend retreats offer you the chance to delve deeper into your personal and leadership development.

Corporate Program Hub

Our tailored corporate packages consist of evidence-based tools to bust stress and boost productivity. Hosted in our dedicated CBD studio or the convenience of your office.

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Location: City Mutual Building (above Rockpool & Spice Temple) Level 10, 66 Hunter Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: 02 8006 1403

Email Address: info@centredmeditation.com.au