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We offer drop-in meditation sessions and mindfulness programs for urban professionals to access more calm, clarity, and confidence.

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Drop-In Meditation Sessions

Our unique guided sequences make meditation easy, enjoyable, and effective. Our contemporary nature and comfortable armchairs help you feel right at home…

Programs & Retreats

Our peak performance programs, community events, and weekend retreats offer you the chance to delve deeper into your personal and leadership development.

Corporate Program Hub

Our tailored corporate packages consist of evidence-based tools to bust stress and boost productivity. Hosted in our dedicated CBD studio or the convenience of your office.

I have found Centred Meditation so valuable in helping me to focus on what is important and stress less about insignificant things.  It is great to take time out from a high pressure role and come back feeling completely refreshed.  The staff make you feel relaxed and calm immediately upon entering into the studio.


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The main changes I’ve noticed are that I leave every session feeling a lot calmer and more relaxed then when I went in. It’s only after a session that you truly appreciate how wound up you actually were. The accumulative effect of doing multiple sessions means that I notice I am now calmer going into the sessions and my overall stress levels are much lower than they would normally be. That transfers back to my desk where I am calmer throughout my day and have better clarity for dealing with problems as they arise throughout my day.


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I’ve always been a terrible sleeper, waking up constantly throughout the night. A case of having too much on the mind and never being able to focus in prior attempts to meditate on my own at home, I didn’t quite believe that meditation had any legitimate effects or benefits. After my first guided meditation in a very welcoming, nurturing and peaceful environment amid the chaos of the CBD, I went home instantly happier, more relaxed and quite miraculously slept through the whole night. This small success has been ongoing and has had a tremendous affect on my day-to-day energy and state of mind.


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The first time I attended the studio I was struck by how serene it was and how welcoming Kevin and Nikki were.  It’s also very helpful that the location is so central in the CBD.  Even after just the very first guided meditation, the impact was significant.  A noticeable improvement in sense of wellbeing, decreased internal monologue and a heightened sense of calm mean that I’m happier and more productive.


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