The Centred Life Program is designed to provide support for ongoing personal development for Centred Self (previously known as Centred Edge) and Here & Now graduates.

Like all the programs offered through Centred Meditation, it is based on the fundamental premise that our mindsets determine our behaviour – and in turn, our behaviour determines the outcomes we experience in our personal and professional life.

Thus, using the tools provided through the Centred Self/Edge program and the Here & Now retreat, the Centred Life program provides support over a 12-week period to assist you in continuing the transformational work that will deepen and expand your mindset, leading to a richer and fuller life!


MODULE 1 - How Purpose Breeds Meaning, Passion and Productivity

Becoming Crystal-Clear About, and Fully Using, your “Existential Purpose”

MODULE 2 - Nourishing Bonds

Finding Success and Fulfilment in your Personal and Professional Relationships

MODULE 3 - ESQ to the Rescue

Taking your Emotional-Social Intelligence to the next level

MODULE 4 - Tuning Your Vehicle

A Pathway for Cultivating Superb Physical and Mental Health

MODULE 5 - Achievement Through Play

A Surprising Approach to Achieving your Goals

MODULE 6 - Growth Mindset

A Lifelong Pursuit of Continuously Transforming Your Mindset


Walter Bellin

Walter Bellin

Walter pioneered the development and teaching of a wide range of methods designed to maximise the professional and personal potential of individuals, teams and organisations. Walter is an international consultant who regularly consults to the top senior management teams of Australian public and private sector organisations in the areas of corporate development, leading organisational change (specialising in organisational cultural change), leadership development, teambuilding, communication skills and strategic business planning. Walter began meditation in 1970 and has continued ever since. Mindfulness meditation training has always been part of Walter’s leadership and personal development programmes.

Nikki Janks

Nikki Janks

Nikki is the Co-Founder and Studio Manager at Centred Meditation. It was while studying at University when she experienced first hand the visceral effects of stress on her mind and body: constant anxiety, muscle spasms, digestive issues and the list goes on. She stumbled upon effortless meditation online, and was overwhelmed by it’s immediate effects on all aspects of her life. She has since directed a non-profit organisation, trained as an Ayurvedic Practitioner, and travelled around the world organising, undertaking, and facilitating personal development and leadership programmes. Nikki is currently a Provisional Psychologist and her purpose is to empower people to be inspired by their own true greatness and freed up to share it with the world.

Kevin Janks

Kevin Janks

Kevin is the Co-Founder and Chief Meditation Officer at Centred Meditation. He reluctantly came to meditation out of desperation to rid himself of the detrimental effects of stress. Years down the track of cumulative benefits, Kevin now dedicates his life to making this untapped resource more accessible to urban professionals through his world-first corporate meditation studio as well as his highly sought-after meditation and mindfulness programs with many of Australia’s leading businesses. He has led and taught thousands of people to meditate and has a unique way of distilling complex intellectual topics into simple practical tools for his students. Kevin’s purpose is to raise the bar of love and affinity in the world and lower the bar of suffering. He is a proud lululemon ambassador alumni and board member of Meditation Australia.



Graduates of our Centred Self (previously known as Centred Edge) Program and Here & Now Retreat who want to apply the concepts to all aspects of their life.



Twelve consecutive Tuesdays from 20th April to 6th July at 5:45-6:45PM online via LIVE-streaming plus interactive do-at-your-own-pace content.



$599 for 6 months access to platform, plus 12 weeks of weekly LIVE coaching and one-on-one support where needed.

Payment plans are available. Please inquire now!



The Centred Life program has been exactly what I needed. I was feeling unsatisfied in a lot of areas in my life even though I know I have so much to be grateful for. Centred life has helped me get really clear on the things that are important to me and to see the self- limiting beliefs and behaviours I had built into my life that prevented me from living a life of meaning and joy. The material in the course is enjoyable to go through. And the instructors are fantastic of course! But what I’ve really gained are the insights and shifts to bring my life more in alignment with my values.



PhD - Research

I would highly recommend the “Centred Edge” and “Centred Life” programmes to people who are pursuing better self-understanding and self-improvement.
The “Centred” programmes are excellent for three reasons: 1) they are thoughtfully designed in a logical and progressive manner; 2) they require groundwork to be done by participants – self dissecting can be confronting at times but it leads to great joy of clarity and realisation; 3) group discussion is both empowering and inspiring, I often find new perspectives by listening to what others share.
On top of all these, Walter, Nikki & Kevin make a fantastic team. They love what they do and they are very caring and attending. It has been a great experience at Centred Meditation and I encourage everyone to give it a try by starting with a meditation session!



Wealth Management

The “go at your own pace” content and home play coupled with the WhatsApp group and the group video calls has created a wonderful community for sharing, listening, asking questions, learning and laughing with each other and with Nikki, Kevin and Walter. Each week, I’ve been able to see how far we have come along and better understand myself and the others. The exploration of the modules, particularly my purpose, has been like learning a new language – challenging, illuminating and satisfying. The check-in zoom chats are one of my favourite times of the week. All of this sits alongside daily meditation practice.


Investment Banking

I took part in the Centred Life program in late 2019 after attending several Here and Now Retreats also run by Centred Meditation. Having done quite a bit of meditation and human potential work in the past, but not so much in recent years, I was looking for a bit of a boost for my personal growth journey. My children are leaving the nest and I’m moving into a different phase of my life. I got a lot more than I bargained for when I signed up for Centred Life. It seemed like a luxury at first, to spend this time on Me, but now I see it was an absolute necessity and an incredible life changing experience. The focus and guidance for the duration of the program with support and encouragement from the teachers has been invaluable. I’m now enjoying a much more grounded, authentic and present version of myself.


I was really pleased when the team announced the Centred Life program was coming on board, as I did not want the Centred Edge program to end and I wanted to continue working with the amazing team that is Kevin, Nikki & Walter. I so enjoyed the support and camaraderie of a small group of like-minded people which was extended into the Centred Life program. Each module had amazing diverse content and was constructed and presented so well which created a wonderful forum for us all to slow down, for some self introspection, share our stories and to grow and learn from listening to others too. I would strongly recommend the course for those looking to further their personal growth and take some time for self care.


Wealth Management


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