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Making time for meditation has helped me through a really busy period in life. It’s a great start to my day and the team have created a calm space where I can get to know like-minded people. Mindfulness is definitely a work in progress, and for me it’s now just as important as regular exercise, if not more.


Marketing & Communications

I’ve been coming to Centred Meditation on an almost daily basis for a few months, originally with the goal of reducing blood pressure.  The benefits though have definitely gone beyond blood pressure management! I feel calmer, more able to deal with things, more mentally aware, and more productive than I was before I started meditating, and my partner says he’s noticed that I no longer “sweat the small stuff”. The Centre itself is a place of calm and friendliness – some wonderful conversations take place over a glass of tea as we all gather before the meditation starts. Nikki, Kevin, and Kieran are such lovely people and absolutely wonderful at guiding the meditations, each in their own style.


Environmental Consultancy

I’ve been regularly attending the guided meditation sessions for about 4 months now. I’ve noticed that I feel calmer, have more clarity and I am more productive. The studio is a very relaxing, calm, comfortable sanctuary away from the distractions of busy lives. Nikki and Kevin are very friendly and welcoming. I love the calming teas and the armchairs are so relaxing and comfortable, you immediately feel at ease. I think everyone could benefit from meditation and attending the guided meditation sessions makes it easier to keep doing it on a regular basis.


Manufacturing Industry

I look forward to my 30 minutes during the working day where I can visit Centred Meditation and know for that time I can completely switch off in a peaceful, relaxing environment. I have always known the wonderful benefits of meditation but until now I found it hard to fit it in effectively into my day but as Centred Meditation is in such a convenient location I can now escape the office and pop in during lunch. I have definitely felt the benefits of meditating daily like being more positive, having more clarity and generally feeling like anything is possible. Thanks to the team for being so welcoming and friendly.


Marketing Executive

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