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Our Philosophy

With a regular effortless meditation practice comes a deep sense of calm and a connection to your innermost presence. With this calm naturally arises a newfound clarity of mind to start engaging in powerful processes which have you uncover your true potential and remove the barriers which prevent you from realising it.

Our programs and retreats provide a fast-track to your potential.

We have gathered knowledge and gained experience from the world’s best academics, philosophers, and practitioners. Over a few days or a few weeks, your experience of yourself and your life transforms before your eyes.

Centred Edge – Program

Our ground-breaking peak performance program is designed to have you:

  1. Understand how you got to be the way you are and the mechanisms that keep you stuck in unproductive patterns
  2. Discover how your internal experiences drive your behaviour;
  3. Become more developed in your social-emotional intelligence;
  4. Committed to your ongoing personal growth as a powerful access to leadership development;
  5. Very proficient as a regular self-meditator.

This program is co-hosted by Walter Bellin, personal leadership development expert and author of Climb a Different Ladder: Self-awareness, mindfulness, and successful leadership.

Here And Now – Meditation Retreat

A Three-Day Meditation & Mindfulness Retreat For Urban Professionals looking to:
  1. Experience deep levels of calm and wellbeing in your mind and body;
  2. Cultivate new layers of clarity and insight into yourself;
  3. Learn self-led techniques so that you become a confident meditation practitioner.

From Thursday night 27th August – Sunday afternoon 30th August, 2020.

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