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  • review rating 5  Centred meditation has been an absolute game changer for me. After only two weeks I can see tangible results. I am calmer, have more clarity, am more productive, and the tension is my neck has completely disappeared. This style of meditation is so enjoyable that I look forward to it every day. Thank you so much to the phenomena team who are so lovely and supportive.

    thumb Iris Qi

    review rating 5  I was reluctant to come here because I had tried doing guided meditations through YouTube but could never get into it. It was from a recommendation from a healthcare professional so I thought I would try it out given they have the good intro deal. I have been every day for the past 5 days during my lunch break and I’m a complete convert. It’s so easy and close to work and no fuss. The classes start on time and finish on time and you don’t have to talk to anyone if you don’t want to which means it is really minimal effort wise. I’ve found the teachers very calming and helpful and will definitely be back!

    thumb Jessica Tabak

    review rating 5  Love everything about Centred Meditation! The space is clean and comforting with oil diffusers, a water fountain, blankets and tea - it's the perfect environment to get the most out of your session. I've already felt the benefits of meditation after 5 sessions 🙂 Would recommend Centred Meditation to everyone, whether you've never meditated before or are looking to deepen your practice.

    thumb CHLOE REILLY
  • review rating 5  My absolute favourite time of the week! Love the tea and coconut water on arrival, the meditations are awesome (and not difficult to do) and I feel great. Thank you 🙂

    thumb Sarah Pern

    review rating 5  I have found Centered Meditation an excellent facility within the chaos of the Sydney CBD. A relaxed environment with good value meditation and Mindfullness sessions - The tutors are good and "on point" to deliver in sessions timed to be useful within the busy CBD area - public transport also stops close by - Highly recommended

    thumb David Tomlinson

    review rating 5  Excellent place for guided meditation. The guides are all very friendly and keep to time so I never have to worry about getting back to work. Helps me greatly with improving my concentration and just overall wellness of mind! I have recommended it to many and will continue to do so!

    thumb Nicola Fox
  • review rating 5  Coming here is my favourite new addition to my weekly routine. The space is well thought out, the teachers are experienced and I always feel calm and balanced after my session here. The location is easy to get to before or after work, and never regret attending! Thank you so much Centred Meditation! Game changer to my week.

    thumb Amelia Sz

    review rating 5  I've just recently discovered Centred Meditation and I'm so pleased that I did! I've been looking for some way to try to relax and bring calm into my day/life, I don't have time to do classes at night and I can't often spare an hour in my work day so these classes are perfect for me. After my half hour meditation session at lunchtime I feel more positive and calm facing the second half of the day and I feel it's definitely of huge benefit to me. I hope to continue going to the classes 3 times per week as I feel it will be even more beneficial the more I attend.

    thumb Carol Boulton

    review rating 5  Centred meditation is a fantastic way to wind down during the working day & get some calm into your day. The setting is perfect - with tea, comfortable armchairs & blankets! The speakers are brilliant & its become part of my daily routine. Would highly recommend you to try it out!

    thumb Camilla Overall
  • review rating 5  I started attending sessions a few weeks ago and I’m hooked. I meditate with an app on my commute but this half an hour is next level. Quite possibly the best half hour of my work week

    thumb Jodie Hampshire

    review rating 5  Amazing guided meditation sessions. Centred meditation offers great sessions during business lunch breaks which is perfect to recharge for your work day!

    thumb Kama Toula

    review rating 5  Best decision I’ve made all year. I’ve been struggling with chronic back pain for over 2 years which has been physically and mentally challenging. I see a great physio and exercise physiologist but only ever made small improvements. Meditation on the other hand as genuinely changed my life. I’ve been coming to centred meditation for 2 months and in that time have made more progress than I have in the last 2 years. My anxiety around the pain has almost completely gone and I’m actually back running again. It has been amazing. I’ve tried meditation in the past but could never really get into it. I’m now loving it and I really like the teaching style. I highly recommend you do the 2 week trial and get as many sessions in as you can so you can really feel the benefits.

    thumb sophie armstrong
  • review rating 5  I can’t recommend the sessions and the team at Centred Meditation enough. I have tried various different meditations in person and online over the years but never found one that I stuck to. Centred Meditation works for me for a variety of reasons but the main ones being the simplicity of the sessions themselves so that anyone can learn to meditate, the caring nature of Nikki, Kevin and the rest of the team and the convenience of being able to walk in to a super comfortable and friendly studio in the middle of the CBD at convenient times throughout the day. The results I feel from the sessions are definitely noticeable and I find myself feeling calmer, happier and generally with less ‘brain fog’ on a daily basis

    thumb Damien Gould

    review rating 5  Signing up for their two week into offer was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made so far - the place is so nice, with large comfy arm chairs, blankets, free tea, filter water and coconut water. Plus the guided meditation was amazing! I felt so much more relaxed and grounded afterwards as well.

    thumb Leilani Horthy Banks

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