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I’ve been regularly attending Centred Meditation for 2 months. It wasn’t immediately a peaceful experience- at times I left more in touch with negative emotions. But this lead me to do some much needed reflection. The more I attended, the better I felt, or more to the point, the less and less concerned I was with whatever emotion I happened to be feeling that day. This has been the lasting benefit of meditation so far: that I don’t feel as buoyed about by circumstances, thoughts or feelings- even very negative ones. I feel more firmly planted on the ground, more awake, like I’m taking reality in through a clearer lens. I feel more present in conversations, more patient, more at peace with day to day life and less attached to any particular idea of myself. Kevin and Nikki are warm, professional, reliable people. They have created a very healing space for your mind to, in their words “debug.” It’s a pleasure to attend.



Centred Meditation has given me a new perspective on how to deal with challenges on a daily basis. The techniques the guys use are basic, it’s very easy to follow the session and they are always willing to chat one on one to help you get the most out of the meditation. The best part is that I can now apply the techniques outside of meditation and feel the difference in difficult situations. It’s amazing how much half an hour a day can make to my day. The set up they have (comfy armchairs and blankets) also makes it a very calm and tranquil place. Thanks team!


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From the moment I first stepped into Centred Meditation I knew that it would transform my thoughts, feelings and emotions to the stresses and impacts of each day.  When I arrive at Centred Meditation after the “hurry” of my work, I am always met by the gentle, caring and welcoming presence of the instructor who will guide me through the meditation.  The inner feeling that I have entered a sanctuary wells within me.  The soft lighting, the tranquil water sounds and gentle music, the pleasant fragrance, the taste of the refreshing waters and tea and the relaxing armchair all act in unison to clear my mind and direct my awareness to the 30 minutes of calm or clarity that lies before me.  The benefits of regular practice at Centred Meditation have been very transformative for me.  I am now more effectively able to concentrate my energies on the issues which truly matter in each day and not get distracted and directed off course by those that do not.  I have found that I can make considered decisions much more quickly than I have ever done.  I also feel increased engagement with the people around me in all aspects of my life across each day.


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I first became interested in meditation after reading “How To Train A Wild Elephant – Lessons In Mindfulness”. A great book (and worth a read!) –while  I tried some of the exercises and various Apps, I never really succeeded in creating a personal practice on my own. Then, I found Centred Meditation. Nikki and Kevin have created an amazing centre of Zen in the middle of Sydney CBD – complete with teas from India, cushions, a water fountain and guided meditations that have changed my life. Check it out – it may just change yours…


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