Wow, can you believe it?

Our last post for the decade!

To be honest, we are still in shock as to how this year went by so fast.

Although when we consider how much we have done, no wonder how it happened!

  • We facilitated 1325 meditation sessions in our studio this year,
  • led countless meditation, leadership & culture sessions for companies,
  • held 3 x Here and Now Retreats (one for our facilitators),
  • 4 x Centred Edge programs,
  • 1 x Meditation Teacher Training program,
  • 1 x Centred Life program,
  • 11 x Who Cares Circles,
  • written 50 x Centred Sentiments Newsletters,
  • opened up 3 x new time slots (7:30am, 1:30pm, 5:15pm),
  • brought on 2 x new facilitators (Shane & Kari),
  • released a brand new meditation sequence (Connection),
  • launched our Centred Sip Tea range and Centred Scent Mist,
  • and popped a whole lot of new videos onto our Virtual Studio.

And on a personal note..

we are proud to say that we kept up our consistent meditation practice, took regular breaks, dealt powerfully with our fertility challenges, renovated our apartment, and got a gorgeous puppy named Georgie.

So as this jam-packed year quickly comes to an end, we’re going to take some time out to give our Mind a well needed detox! And we invite you to do the same!

Here is our 7-Step Mind Detox to leave you refreshed for the decade to come (feel free to make up your own):

  1. Reflect
    Take some time out to reflect on the year that was. Put aside any distractions (aka turn your phone on aeroplane mode) and just write, draw, talk, or think. Ask yourself: what significant experiences and milestones occurred in the world and my life during the past year? Is there something I am particularly proud of? Is there something I could have done differently? Am I satisfied with where I am currently at?
  2. Complete
    Is there something left unsaid, undone, or unheard from this past year? Now’s your chance to get complete with whoever/whatever it is in order to liberate yourself from 2019 and successfully turn a new page in your book of life.
  3. Project
    Distractions aside once more, continue the conversation with yourself….What do I hope to achieve by this time next year? How do I want to improve myself and my life? What is limiting me and how I can I overcome it?
  4. Act
    Get straight on tangible changes you wish to implement in the new year and set up a mechanism of reminders to ensure it happens. Eg. attend a meditation session three times a week, exercise for half an hour each day, or pause to take a mindful breath every hour. Use post-it notes in random places, calendar event reminders on your phone, or a laminated poster in the shower to keep reminding yourself once you get back into the daily grind.
  5. Affirm
    Get clear on what personal and professional areas you’d like to develop over the year year. Affirmations are an effective methodology used to overcome self-limiting beliefs and build character traits you wish to develop. They are statements which are contradictory opposites to the self-limiting belief or habit you wish to erase, and they express the qualities or character traits you wish to develop. You can repeat these statements every morning when you wake up, or at the end of your meditations (when your brain activity is in a state most conducive to accessing the subconscious mind).
  6. Connect
    During the course of the year, we understandably get so caught up in getting through our to-do lists that we inevitably let a fair few things fall to the wayside. One of those things might be connecting with friends who aren’t in our immediate network, extended family who live abroad, or acquaintances we met while traveling once upon a time. Take the time to call/text/FB/whatsapp a few of these folk, just to show you still care. It feels awesome!
  7. Refresh
    We’re sure that there is something you have been meaning to sort through for a while now….Whether it is your cupboard, your desktop, your photo folders or your inbox. We find that the state of our surroundings can often be an external manifestation of our internal state of affairs. Naturally, the ‘busier’ our daily lives, the messier our surroundings become as we simply don’t have the spare time to clean up. By sorting through our drawers, replying to those emails, or deleting those files, it can have a real liberating effect on our minds!

We’ll end of by saying a huge thank you to YOU! Just by reading this newsletter, we have a pretty good inkling of who you are in the world and what you are up to.

From the bottom of ours hearts, we acknowledge you for being committed to developing yourself so you can contribute more to others, be it your family, your colleagues, or your friends, in order to ultimately make the world a better place.

Have a wonderful Christmas/Channukah/Holiday break and we can’t wait to continue to grow on this life journey together in 2020!

Over and out!