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Meditation 101 Workshop

This workshop is designed to teach you how to meditate correctly and give you the ideal foundation for an effective meditation practice.
We cover:
  1. The science of stress and it’s detrimental impacts on our physiology;
  2. The evidence behind meditation and it’s profound effects on our health and wellbeing;
  3. Common misconceptions about meditation;
  4. Techniques on how to get the most out of your meditation practice.

NB: This workshop is included in the 14 day introductory trial.

Anxiety/Depression Meet-Up

Who cares is a monthly meet-up for urban professionals sharing about their experiences with anxiety and/or depression. It’s mission is to provide a confidential, safe space where we can each have a voice that is heard and supported, not dismissed or judged. So many people have anxiety/depression, so essentially: ‘who cares?’ – it is nothing to be ashamed of! However, we are a group of people who do care about supporting each other through it. Sessions happens once a month and are free of charge.

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The Book Circle

The Book Circle is an open-minded, open-ended gathering for urban professionals to discuss and ruminate on ideas and concepts inspired by the books we don’t have the time to read but have always wanted to.

NB: Circles are free to attend and only three chapters of the nominated book (chosen every 6 weeks) need to be read. Themes revolve around meditation, mindfulness, psychology, neuroplasticity etc…

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Mindfulness Workshop Series

Exploring Thoughts

Exploring Thoughts

From this workshop, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the nature of the mind and how to effectively handle it.We will explore:

  1. How the mind operates with respect to thoughts;
  2. The concept of mindfulness and it’s application to daily life;
  3. Specific techniques for overcoming destructive thought patterns.
Discovering Emotions

Discovering Emotions

From this workshop, you will gain an understanding of the true essence of emotions and how to overcome challenging emotional experiences.We will discover:

  1. The composition of emotions and how they are experienced;
  2. Our relationship with our emotions and how they impact ourselves and our environment;
  3. Practical techniques on how to effectively deal with challenging experiences and in turn alter our relationship with our environment.
Cultivating Actions

Cultivating Actions

From this workshop, you will gain a practical understanding on how to apply mindfulness to your everyday life.
We will cultivate actions that bring about mindfulness in:

  1. Relationships;
  2. Work;
  3. Technology;
  4. Food.

Fertility Gathering

Gathered is a bi-monthly gathering for men and women alike to open up and share about their unique experiences of fertility. We know first hand that the delicate journey of conception can sometimes be isolating, often filled with feelings of fear, anxiety and comparison. We invite you to come and share your personal experiences in a safe and confidential space, whilst connecting with others who are on a similar path.

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Here And Now Retreat

A Three-Day Meditation & Mindfulness Retreat For Urban Professionals looking to:
  1. Experience deep levels of calm and wellbeing in your mind and body;
  2. Cultivate new layers of clarity and insight into yourself;
  3. Learn self-led techniques so that you become a confident meditation practitioner.

From Thursday night 15th March – Sunday afternoon 18th March, 2018

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