You’ve either heard about meditation for a while, or dabbled in a guided practice but are ready to take your practice to the next level.
You can’t help but react to situations unproductively and can’t seem to break your habit.
You know deep inside that you have more to offer and desire to uncover your fullest potential.
You wish you could just switch off your mind clutter and be more present with those around you.
You are often required to make tough decisions quickly and wish you had more clarity and confidence on demand.
No matter how much you achieve and how hard you work, it never seems to be enough.
You know what you need to do to change, but you just can’t seem to do it.
You’ve tried coaching, counselling, reading books, listening to podcasts, speaking to mentors, but nothing seems to work long-term.


Centred Self is a six session inner growth program designed to have you access more of your full potential and function more optimally in all areas of your life.


During Centred Self, we explore….

Effortless Meditation

Learn a self-directed technique of Effortless Meditation which you absolutely adore, and become fully competent and confident to meditate on your own without guidance.

Socially-emotionally conditioned mindset

Undertake processes to unpack how you got to think, feel, and act the way you do.

Stress cycles

Cultivate awareness about the predictable mechanism of your internal reactionary patterns and learn effective methods of intervention.

Personal development

Assess where you are at and cultivate qualities in the higher adult developmental stages in order to access more of your fullest potential.


Walter Bellin

Walter Bellin

Walter pioneered the development and teaching of a wide range of methods designed to maximise the professional and personal potential of individuals, teams and organisations. Walter is an international consultant who regularly consults to the top senior management teams of Australian public and private sector organisations in the areas of corporate development, leading organisational change (specialising in organisational cultural change), leadership development, teambuilding, communication skills and strategic business planning. Walter began meditation in 1970 and has continued ever since. Mindfulness meditation training has always been part of Walter’s leadership and personal development programmes.
Nikki Janks

Nikki Janks

Nikki is the Co-Founder and Studio Manager at Centred Meditation. It was while studying at University when she experienced first hand the visceral effects of stress on her mind and body: constant anxiety, muscle spasms, digestive issues and the list goes on. She stumbled upon effortless meditation online, and was overwhelmed by it’s immediate effects on all aspects of her life. She has since directed a non-profit organisation, trained as an Ayurvedic Practitioner, and travelled around the world organising, undertaking, and facilitating personal development and leadership programmes. Nikki is currently a Provisional Psychologist and her purpose is to empower people to be inspired by their own true greatness and freed up to share it with the world.



Urban professionals seeking to become proficient in a self-directed meditation practice and access more of their full potential.



Six consecutive Thursdays beginning March 3rd 2022 – online via LIVE-streaming!

6:45PM – 8:45PM




Cost includes all sessions, workbooks, recordings, and one-on-one support and coaching.

Payment plans are available. Please inquire now!



I would highly recommend the Centred Self Program! Nikki and Walter have a unique approach and in only six weeks, I truly feel transformed – it’s incredible! Nikki and Walter create such a supportive and friendly environment that allows for personal growth and the opportunity to share with and learn from others. I now feel much more equipped to deal with the challenges life throws at me and feel positive that I can overcome them! The sessions were very practical too, and now I have loads of tools and techniques I can use, which are making a big difference. It has truly been a life changing experience – I can’t recommend more highly!

I found the Centred Edge program to be very insightful and very well designed, and delivered in such away that incorporated personal experiences and humour which made it really relatable. I thoroughly enjoyed attending every Tuesday which quickly evolved into ‘my day’ where I took some time for myself and some much needed  introspection.
Walter, Kevin & Nikki, make a remarkable team, so passionate about their work and so approachable and supportive throughout the program – a truly inspiring six weeks which has given me a great foundation for further personal growth and development.

Wealth Management

The Centred Edge Program is a meaningful next step beyond guided meditation. The sessions introduce new meditative techniques to increase our transition through different levels of our Adult Development. I found the sessions to be especially helpful in understanding and mastering my own stress cycle through non-judgmental self-awareness and techniques for enhancing the level of Intellectual and emotional Compassion in my personal and business life. Walter, Kevin, and Nikki are quite helpful in bringing the session’s lessons to life through real-life examples and the quality of their facilitations.

I was excited to be doing something for ‘me’ and my personal development.  The course is a unique format and I enjoyed contemplating the philosophical concepts each week, as well as getting more involved with meditation at home.  It is clear that you are very passionate about helping others realise their full potential and like all your services, this course was delivered very professionally.

I had been attending Centred Meditation regularly for 2.5 years before I took part in the Centred Edge program. It was one of the most rewarding things I have done in my life to date. If you want to learn practical tips on how to stop placing limits on yourself, how to better connect with people and improve your overall wellbeing all wrapped up with improved meditation then I strongly recommend doing this program!


I was looking for a way to get more regular with meditation and the Centred Edge program gave me several methods to make it a habit – it really answered the question for me of why do we meditate? My mind was blown by all the research and self-improvement awaiting me. My relationships have also all improved and I find myself being more compassionate towards total strangers, understanding and embracing situations through their eyes. This program has definitely changed the direction of my life!


I signed up to Centred edge having not meditated before, but having heard of the benefits, I figured it’d be a great place to start.

The programme gave me a new found awareness and fascination for the mind. It enables you to understand your thought patterns and behaviours, and you will come out on track to higher levels of empathy and emotional understanding for those around you.

Whether you’re stressed out and run down from the demands of work, or if you’re just seeking more clarity and focus in any area of your life centred edge is for you! I couldn’t recommend Walter and the Centred Meditation team more.


What I found most beneficial from the Centred Edge programme was how practical it was. I’d been meditating for a while, and had seen some benefit, but I’d reached a point where I felt stuck. Applying the simple, very practical techniques presented to us in the programme took me to a whole new level, first by showing me how my mind functioned at a subconscious level (at times in unhelpful ways), and then by giving me tools to apply that have made a real difference in my daily life. I strongly encourage anyone considering taking the course to have a go, you won’t regret it!


I signed up to the Centered Edge program after starting to explore effortless meditation. I wanted to somehow start the process of understanding my life patterns to be able to consciously drive what’s possible and be at peace with what isn’t. I was initially anxious about exploring this with a group of people but was quickly surprised by the relief of being in the company of people who also wanted this, who you can learn from and who also have similarities in approach, i.e you are not alone in how you think. It also keeps you accountable in goals you have set for yourself.
Nikki and Walter were so knowledgeable and patient and I learnt a lot more than I expected. After the 6 weeks I feel clearer about what I want to work on and also how to actually do that. I recommend this to everyone, especially those who can sometimes feel like a passenger in their own life.


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