You know that typical feeling you get when you just come back from holidays?

The comedown from the high, the sinking in the pit of your stomach, the fluttering in your chest, and the utter dread.

We just had the fortune of spending 4.5 weeks overseas celebrating two weddings in two very different counties: Oman and South Africa, and what a month it was!

Thanks to our unbelievable team, we knew our Centred baby was very well taken care of, and thanks to our amazing family and friends, we knew our fury baby was also extremely well taken care of – so we had absolutely no worries in the world.

There’s nothing quite like travel, right?

Experiencing different cultures, seeing spectacular landscapes, meeting interesting people, eating exotic foods.

Where the sole purpose is to enjoy, discover, meet, and eat.

We have to say though, we really started to miss our life at home.

Our guests at the studio, our participants on our programs, our Centred team, our friends, our puppy. But most of all, we missed our true purpose.

There’s nothing quite like waking up everyday and feeling aligned to our intrinsic purpose in life.

The truth is, we absolutely LOVE what we do.

We love sharing the Effortless practices and processes that have had an enormous impact on our own lives with others.

And we love knowing that we are making a difference to our studio guests and corporate clients each and every day.

So thankfully, we didn’t really experience that ‘typical’ feeling people often get when they just come back from holidays.

Of course there was nervous anticipation about the year to come, but it was overridden by excitement for the difference we get to make and gratitude for leading the life we get to lead.

How did you feel going back to work after the holidays?

Did you feel connected to your innermost presence?

Aligned to your intrinsic purpose?

Inspired by your true potential?

If you didn’t to the degree that you would like to, then please know that Centred Meditation is your home of presence, purpose, and potential this year…

  • There’s always an armchair with your name on it in our City Studio or Virtual Studio for guided meditations, and if you’d like to become competent at meditating on your own then come and take our brand new Self-Directed Meditation Course!
  • If you’re ready to delve deeper into your purpose and potential then we invite you to join one of our programs or retreats (Centred Edge, Centred Life, Here and Now).
  • Finally, if you’re keen to master your meditation practice and dive deep into your inner growth journey then our Meditation Teacher Training is a MUST!

We can’t wait to serve and support you in 2020!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch about anything at all…