Last week was my (Nikki’s) Birthday.

In lieu of the experience Kevin had on his birthday, I found myself somewhat dreading it in the lead up.

So I decided to shift my mindset around.

What if I could actually have a super ‘happy’ birthday?

In the end, I had one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had.

My day started with watching the sunrise over the ocean together with Kevin and Georgie (our puppy) followed by a visit from a couple of beautiful rainbow Lorikeets (my favourite bird).

I then headed to the Centred Meditation studio where I got to live out my purpose; empowering all of you to access more of your fullest potential all day long.

My day culminated with playing parse the parcel with my niece and nephew (best present ever) followed by a delicious meal at a fancy vegetarian restaurant.

I couldn’t help but be overcome with immense gratitude for the life I get to lead.

I felt so much love and contentment all day long.

And the truth is, it didn’t always feel this way.

I distinctly recall the deep sadness and anxiety that dominated my waking hours only a decade ago.

The incessant worry during university and confusion for why I was feeling the way I was.

I’m really proud of myself for how I really managed to turn my life around.

Reflecting on how I did it, I realise that I owe it to my daily effortless meditation practice.

Meditation was the foundation that unfolded an ever-evolving journey of ultimate self-betterment.

I got to know myself as something beyond the treadmill of survival; That ever-present (but often hidden) deep well of calm that resides at the core of us all.

And in connecting with this calm on a regular basis naturally arose a newfound clarity of mind to ask the truly important questions in life;

What do I want to do with my life?

Who do I want to spend it with?

What contribution do I want to make?

What’s it all for?

And then emerged the confidence to take actions which aligned with the answers that I found to my questions.

Here’s how that journey looked in reality:

I quit my job and travelled in South Asia for 8 months with my fiance.

I married my twin flame at a destination wedding in Thailand surrounded by friends and family.

I trained as an Ayurvedic Practitioner with my best friend.

I founded a world-first drop-in meditation studio with my husband.

I completed my fourth year Psych degree and secured myself a placement as a Provisional Psychologist.

And I never would have done all this if it wasn’t for my daily practice of effortless meditation.

So the moral of my story is: meditate.

As often as you can.

However works for you.

We happened to set up a physical studio to give you an urban sanctuary to come to.

But if that doesn’t work, find another way.

Use guided meditations online (we started a Virtual Studio to help you do that).

Or learn to meditate on your own (we can teach you a self-directed practice on our programs and retreats).

I promise it works!

But you have to do the experiment yourself to find out.

What do you have to lose?

(Only the chance to live your best life possible :P)