This morning, as I (Nikki) stepped onto the street from our apartment complex and began my 20 min walk to the train, I caught myself thinking a very strange thought…”I love Monday mornings” my little voice said. I literally burst out laughing at the rarity of such a phrase, and then a smile of utter contentment spread across my face. I was running on less than 6 hours sleep off the back of a very packed weekend (of two Hens parties), a 4000 word thesis introduction looming ahead of me, all whilst growing a business, trying to have a baby, and organising two big events at the same time.

Kevin isn’t much different. He’s just launched Free Range Feb – a global non-profit initiative which inspires individuals to only consume ‘Free Range’ for the month of February (sneaky plug: please like the FB page and let him know if you want to be an ambassador) – whilst building the leadership training arm of our corporate offering, conducting speaking gigs at various events, and coaching four people in a self-expression and leadership program.

Put it this way, our lives are packed…yet we couldn’t be happier! Don’t get us wrong, we’re not sharing this with you to say ‘look how amazing we are’ but rather to have you consider that it’s not our circumstances which dictate our satisfaction in life, it’s how we relate to our circumstances which do. What’s our secret? The potent combination of regular meditation alongside dedicated personal growth. As you know, we’ve been on a very big journey this past year of full blown self-development. We’ve faced fears, peeled back layers, discovered hidden complexes, and pushed ourselves more than ever before. It’s not always comfortable, or pleasant (to say the least), but to wake up one Monday morning and catch yourself spontaneously thinking that you love Monday mornings makes it all worthwhile!

We are committed to making a huge impact in the world by helping others do the same. The premise of Centred Meditation is to provide an accessible platform to do so. We have an exciting year in store filled with opportunities to help you go beyond where you usually get stopped. From our studio Unlimited Pass, to our corporate meditation and leadership training, our upcoming three day meditation and mindfulness retreat, our community gatherings and workshops, (spoiler alert: and watch this space for the launch of our Virtual Studio) – there is really something for everyone. Just jump in 🙂