We often hear people say that they’ve heard (or experienced) that meditation is hard.

That it requires lots of time and effort to get good at it, and that only once you are good at it, does it gets easier and you begin to reap the rewards.

That because meditation is so hard, you can only start with 5 mins a day and then work your way up slowly till you can handle longer and longer sessions.

That eventually, once you are REALLY good at it, you’ll start having these deep, blissful experiences akin to what one might have on psychedelics where your body feels like it’s floating and you feel at one with the universe.

We’ve got news for you: not all meditation is hard!

In fact some forms are so easy that you can meditate for 30 minutes (and feel like only 10 mins have passed), have a deep, pleasant experience, and sleep better that night than you have in years, your very first time.

You see, there are lots of different types of meditation.

Think of them existing on a spectrum; from highly concentrative forms down one end, to completely effortless forms down the other.

Up at the concentrative end, the aim of those types of meditation is to keep your attention fixated on a particular focal point for as long as you can; To catch yourself the moment your attention waivers, and to firmly bring it back to the focal point right away. Then over time, to improve how long you can keep your attention on your focal point without wavering, so that you eventually get the results you are looking for.

They are extremely difficult forms of meditation, mostly practiced by monks in monasteries and Rishis in caves for long hours of the day, over many months and years. And practiced in this way, they eventually yield effects.

Then you’ve got the other end of the spectrum, where Centred Meditation fits in.

We practice a completely EFFORTLESS form of meditation.

This means that one’s experience of meditation is super easy, really enjoyable, and yet highly effective from the very first time they meditate (if they are practicing it correctly with the right instruction).

How could this be, you might ask?

And your response is highly valid given your context.

In our society, we are conditioned to believe that the harder something is and the more effort we put into it, the better the results we’re going to get (aka the “no pain, no gain” mentality).

Well, when it comes to meditation, that is not the case at all. In fact, effortless forms of meditation have been found (through numerous scientific backed research papers) to be as, if not more effective than concentrative forms of meditation.

And yet they are extremely easy to practice and feel so good to do, right from the very beginning.

Don’t believe us?

As we tell our new guests in every one of our Intro to Effortless Meditation Workshops, DO THE EXPERIMENT YOURSELF!

You don’t have to believe what we say, or the books you read, or the podcasts you listen to. In fact, there is no believing required at all. Just do the experiment yourself and trust your own personal experience!

Start the Centred Meditation experiment today:

  1. Get expert Effortless Meditation instruction. If you’ve never been to an Intro to Effortless Meditation workshop (or could do with a refresher), book in for your complimentary session or watch it live-streamed.
  2. Get your technique checked. If you’re not finding your meditation easy or enjoyable, you aren’t practicing the effortless technique correctly, so book in for a complimentary check-in chat (reply to this email now).
  3. Commit yourself to a period of time that you are going to give Effortless Meditation a solid go for, and be specific about how many sessions you are going to do each week (e.g. 4 sessions a week for 4 weeks).
  4. Tell someone about your experiment (preferably someone who you respect and look up to). This adds pressure to help you stay accountable to your word.
  5. Reserve your armchairs ahead of time and schedule the sessions into your diary. Treat them like a meeting (psst: it’s the most important meeting you’ll have all day…the one with yourself). If something urgent comes up, re-schedule while it is still front of mind. Use our free studio scheduling app to effortlessly reserve and re-schedule armchairs on the go.
  6. Financially commit to meditation. We are naturally motivated by finances…when we see money coming out of our bank account, it motivates us to take action in order to make the most of it. If you want to meditate in the studio once a week –> our 10 Pass Pack @$179 is most cost effective. If it’s twice or more a week –> our Unlimited Pass @$32/week is the way to go. Purchase your pass here. Not yet ready to commit long term? Book our 14 day Intro Pass @$39 for unlimited guided Effortless Meditation sessions either in person, live-streamed or on demand as well as the Introduction to Effortless Meditation workshop and a coaching session with one of our expert Effortless Meditation teachers. Can’t make it physically? All our sessions are live-streamed and can be experienced from the comfort of home, work, your car or anywhere else you happen to be.
  7. Track your progress (outside of your sessions of course). Are you sleeping better? More productive at work? Feeling less anxious? Happier overall? Take mental note and use this as motivation to keep up your regular practice!
  8. Use expert guidance and support. Wondering if you are doing it right? If it’s working? Why you keep falling asleep? Why you have so many thoughts? Text, call, email or speak to us in person to get your questions or concerns answered.

As always, we love hearing your feedback so please be in touch and let us know what you are noticing!