In this short clip: ‘Are you working to live or living to work?’, our favorite spoken-word poet, Prince Ea, encourages us to: “Take short trips with no distractions; Spend time in meditation instead of aggravation. Replace our screen savers with sunrises, and our palm pilots with palm trees”.

Last week, we decided that it’s time for us to take a break. We’ve been working non-stop since New Year and since it’s almost halfway through the year (don’t freak out), we realized that unless we actively stop and make it happen – it won’t! This begs the question, do you have any upcoming trips planned? According to a research study published in Translational Psychiatry (Nature), holidays help the body repair and recover on a cellular level. What’s more though, meditating extensively whilst on a holiday can induce specific changes to a network of genes with cellular functions that may be relevant to healthy aging. Have you considered coming with us on our three-day meditation and mindfulness retreat in August? You’ll eat wholesome food prepared fresh from the veggie garden, be immersed in natural surrounds instead of the usual urban jungle, meditate using a self-led technique which you can continue practicing on your own upon return, learn advanced concepts on personal and leadership development, and enter new realms of calm and wellbeing in your mind and body.

We went ahead and booked ourselves a few short extended weekend trips over the next couple of months – one to a farm in nature, one to a beach nearer to the sun, and one silent meditation retreat. Holidays are great ways to relax and de-stress. Holidays will differ from person to person, some people might prefer city breaks and others might prefer beach holidays. One of our friends always has luxury holidays by using a yacht charter newport beach. Whilst she enjoys that, other people might not. Choosing a holiday is all about relaxing yourself, so it’s best to find the correct destination for you. As Prince EA says: “We all need time to get away from the race, for the sake of our mental state. To re-wind, re-charge, and re-connect”.