May is the month of getting your meditation and mindfulness on!

Here are a few challenges to motivate you get amongst it (and discover here why it’s worth taking part):

Mindful In May Challenge
Meditate for at least ten minutes a day every day in May whilst at the same time raising money to bring clean, safe drinking water to the 1 in 10 people on the planet who struggle daily without access to life’s most basic need.
How to join our fundraising team:

  1. Register for Mindful in May at www.mindfulinmay.org;
  2. Make an optional donation to the cause
  3. Select “yes” when you’re asked if you want to fundraise
  4. Select “join a fundraising team” and search for our team’s name “Centred Meditators”
  5. Share the fundraising page with your friends and family and get ready to receive your online Mindful in May program (with access to lots of meditation resources with some of the best teachers in the world) starting May 1st.
Centred Meditation Challenge
  1. Meditate in our studio 13 times this May and receive a complimentary WEEK of unlimited meditation in June!
  2. Meditate the most amount of times out of all our guests this May and receive a complimentary MONTH of unlimited meditation in June!

How to join? Just email us: info@centredmeditation.com.au to let us know you are taking our challenge 🙂

Centred In The City Mindfulness Workshop Series

We’re donating a portion of the proceeds from our workshops in May to the Mindful In May charity, so if you are keen to delve deeper into how mindfulness can impact your day to day life, now is the time to do them!

  1. Exploring Thoughts: explore the nature of the mind and how to effectively handle it on 10th May;
  2. Discovering Emotions: discover true essence of emotions and how to overcome challenging emotional experiences on 17th May;
  3. Cultivating Action: gain a practical understanding on how to apply mindfulness to your everyday life on 24th May.

Reserve your armchair for our workshops here!