Kevin and I have this longstanding joke: if two or more people are on their phones at the same time, they are in the midst of an iParty.

Is there actually something that is so important that it has the right to steal us from the opportunity to connect with the physical human being in front of us? Or have we simply become de-sensitised to the present moment, stuck in a mindless trance while we scroll through the lives of our mere acquaintances?

I’ve started this thing where I try to catch the thoughts and feelings that arise while engaged in my iParty. I was totally shocked to realise that they usually have a similar theme; one of judgement, comparison, envy, resentment, and self-criticism. And I have an inkling that I’m not quite the only one…?

I’ve recently delved deep into the world of its own that is Instagram. I’m completely taken aback by how much reach Instagram users have. It’s not uncommon for your average user to have somewhere between 10 000 – 100 000 followers each! These are huge numbers we are talking about. Some magazines only have a total readership of 10 000. These Instagrammers are pumping out content to thousands and thousands of people each day.

It’s made me realise: with reach comes influence. And with influence comes a choice… how do we use this influence? Do we perpetuate more of the same judgement-inducing output I mentioned before? Or is there a way to do some good through this highly influential portal?

We, at Centred Meditation, have decided that it is time to close down the iParty. Don’t get the wrong idea, we are by no means party poopers. There is definitely a time and a place for social media. But not at the expense of living in reality with the actual friends and family right in front of you. Our intention is simply to remind you when it is time to go home. This is the basis behind our new campaign #getcentred.

We live in a world of busy. We are arguably more stressed out, over-worked, and time-poor than ever before. Our aim through #getcentred is to inspire you to use your precious resource of time wisely. Do at least one thing that gets you centred every day. Whether it be reading a book, taking a bath, walking in the park, listening to music, getting a massage, exercising or meditating, you know what gets you centred the most…we are just here to remind you to dedicate your time to doing it.

Feel free to share what it is that gets you centred and tag #getcentred to inspire others to centre themselves too.