You know that feeling that you sometimes get on a Monday morning when you realise that your weekend was busier than your working week? The weekend just didn’t quite serve its purpose of leaving you rejuvenated and centred for the week ahead.

No need to stress, we’ve got you covered.

We believe that you can do at least one thing a day to #getcentred.

Today, we suggest going for a walk in the park, and it’s positive effects are even backed by research!

In fact, there is a whole field of cognitive science dedicated to it, known as Attention Restoration Theory (ART). It suggests that we are able to concentrate better after spending time in nature or looking at scenes of nature due to the fact that peaceful settings give the brain a chance to relax, which helps restore or refresh cognitive capacities (such as memory and attention).

Here are a list of parks in the CBD to try out:

  1. Royal Botanical Gardens: Mrs Macquaries Road, Sydney
  2. Hyde Park: Elizabeth St, Sydney
  3. Cook + Phillip Park: 4 College St, Sydney
  4. Observatory Hill Park: Upper Fort St, Sydney

Feel free to take a photo of your view in the park and tag #getcentred on Facebook or Instagram 🙂