This post is dedicated to the 1 in 6 couples who have difficulties having a baby when they want to.

Last week marked National Infertility Week.

‘Infertility’. Yuck. I (Nikki) despise the term. It sounds so final, so limiting, so permanent.

Technically speaking, I’m infertile. I’ve been diagnosed by the medical profession with ‘unexplained infertility’ because I’ve been trying to have a baby for over 3.5 years without success. Yet just because I haven’t been successful yet does NOT mean that I won’t be successful in the future. And I know that with every cell of my being.

A friend of mine who has had a recurrent brain tumour has recently started an amazing project of gathering stories of what people are grateful for in an endeavour to raise funds for a foundation created by her incredible neurosurgeon.

Research has shown that when we make a habit of actively acknowledging aspects in our life that we are grateful for, we literally become more alert, enthusiastic, determined, attentive, and optimistic. We even improve our sleep, immunity, and energy levels. So I decided to take on her challenge!

Here is my submission of what I am grateful for:

I’m grateful for my unborn children.

I’m grateful that they shoved me down a rabbit hole deep into my inner psyche, and allowed me to excavate layers upon layers of programming that no longer served me.

I’m grateful that they taught me that there are some things in life I can’t control, and that radical acceptance of this truth breeds infinite volumes of beauty and wisdom.

I’m grateful for their lesson that nothing external from me can make me happy, and that their job will NOT be to fulfil some fantasised ideal of what a ‘perfect life’ should entail.

I’m grateful for their insight that now is the only time that ever was and ever will be, and that being present in the present is the true key to a fulfilling life.

I’m grateful for their timely reminder that my body is borrowed, and that if I don’t tend to it with attention and love, I will certainly pay the inevitable price.

I’m grateful that they showed me that nobody escapes challenges in life, but suffering is optional.

I’m grateful for the freedom that they provided me to design a life that I absolutely adore.

I’m grateful for the adventures that I got to embark on and the education that I got to pursue.

I’m grateful for the timeless moments that they gifted me to revel in my relationship with their future father.

I’m grateful that they brought our gorgeous Georgie girl into our lives and revealed the depth of love that resides within a mother of all creatures, even a puppy.

I’m grateful that they empowered me to be inspired by my own true greatness and freed me up to share it with the world, and had me discover that my purpose in life is to empower others to do the same.

I’m grateful for the time that they lent me to build a soulful business and cultivate a Centred community to realise my purpose.

I’m grateful for their divine wisdom to come when the time is truly right, and for steering me down a path of more knowing and more feeling until I am unequivocally ready and aligned on all levels to bring life into this world.

What are you grateful for? I invite you to submit your own piece for my friend’s project by clicking here.