Before we left for our trip at the end of last year…

We embarked on a lot of reflection and projection on Centred Meditation in preparation for the new decade.

The most important realisation we made was how far we and our community have come since opening 4.5 years ago.

Back in 2015, we didn’t know whether society was ready for a drop-in meditation studio.

So we opened cautiously and were hesitant to ask too much of a commitment from our guests.

As time has passed, we have grown more confident in our worth and offering which is now grounded in thousands of success stories.

And with it, we are now more confident to express ourselves and what we are about in the world.

So we decided to re-work our vision messaging, and here is what we came up with…

Our vision is to cultivate a Centred society, in which each individual is connected to their innermost presence, aligned to their intrinsic purpose, and inspired by their true potential. Through effortless practices and processes, we empower people to take ownership over their inner growth and realise an outer reality of their worth.

That’s a lot of fancy words strung together in an eloquent fashion, right? So we thought we would break it down…

What does it mean to be connected to your innermost presence?

Well beyond that treadmill of survival that you find yourself on, beyond the erratic thoughts, the destructive emotions, and the never ending to-do lists, lies your true being. It’s an ever-present, deep well of calm and joy which exists inside of you. That’s your true self. That’s your innermost presence. That’s what is available to each of us.

What does it meant to be aligned to your intrinsic purpose?

Each of us is unique. What lights us up is distinct. Only we can feel what makes us tick. Hear the tune our heart sings to. So our journey is in discovering that intrinsic purpose unique to us, and then aligning our life in a way where we can wake up each day and live by it.

What about being inspired by your true potential?

We are all born with pure potential. Any future is possible for a newborn. And then we start to grow up and slowly but surely our psyche becomes influenced by both society and our experiences, and the future that we see for ourselves becomes tainted. We limit what we see is possible and available to us in our lifetime. And that then becomes our reality. The truth is, that pure potential still resides within us. Our work is in doing the inner growth so we can see it.

So this year we are more inspired than ever…

To empower you to take ownership over your inner growth and realise an outer reality of your worth.

One where you are calm under pressure, connected to your innermost presence, and confident to express your true nature.

One where you find meaning in your work, fulfillment in your relationships and joy in your activities.

An effortless meditation practice lays the foundation for this inner work and outer reality.

So we highly encourage you to up your meditation dose from this week onwards!

But really…

Our programs and retreats provide an incredible fast-track to your potential.

We teach you powerful processes which have you uncover your true potential and remove the barriers which prevent you from realising it.

We have gathered knowledge and gained experience from the world’s best academics, philosophers, and practitioners.

Over a few days or a few weeks, your experience of yourself and your life transforms before your eyes.

So if you haven’t done our Centred Edge six week peak performance program, or our Here and Now retreat, now is the time!

And if you have, then our Centred Life or Teacher Training program is what’s in store for you! Hit reply now for more information…