This week marks the launch of our brand new Connection sequence!

It’s been a long time brewing and we are so excited to release it to our Centred community.

We feel it’s exactly what our world needs right now.

Why? Because we live in such an individualistic society.

We’re taught from a young age to fend for ourselves, to strive for success, to put ourselves first.

We’re primed to believe that there are only so many pieces of the pie, and if somebody else has success, beauty, fame, or intelligence, then it leaves less of the pie for me.

Or if all these other people have it, then it’s somehow less meaningful when I get it too.

Media and advertising teach us what we need to have.

Then we are sent off as adults on a wild goose chase to collect as many haves as we can in attempt to be happy, fulfilled, and content once we get them all.

We are saturated by everyone else’s haves on our social media feeds, whilst being encouraged to make other people envious of our own haves and at the same time forced to feel bad about our have nots.

But at some point we are stopped in our tracks because we get physically sick, or mentally disordered, or emotionally drained (or a combination of them all), and we realise that maybe we were barking up the wrong tree all along?

Our Connection sequence is a response to this fundamental issue in our society.

It’s a fusion of various ancient, evidence-based techniques which connect us to the various aspects of ourselves, others, and the world, whilst cultivating intrinsic joy, spontaneous kindness, and effortless compassion.

By incorporating our Connection sequence into your meditation routine, you will start to feel more connected to your true values, more aligned with your core purpose, and more inspired by your authentic achievements.

So what are you waiting for? Reserve your armchair in our Connection sequence this week and give us your feedback on your experience with it!