As you would expect, the past week we have been deep in puppy love…(and loathing). At first we were blinded by how cute and beautiful Georgie is so we let her do whatever she pleased. Naturally she loved this freedom and got very comfortable very quickly with her surroundings. This led her to start doing what puppies do… bite. Everything. From shoelaces, to table corners, to cords, toys, leaves, bark, flowers, fingers, toes, chins, noses – you name it! Our first reaction was to get annoyed, frustrated, and disappointed by her behaviour and to tell her off. We’d have thoughts like: “We give her so much, why would she act out like this”? However, on further inspection we realised that we only had ourselves to blame. We hadn’t actually set up appropriate boundaries and parameters to begin with, so how was she to know? Then, instead of getting angry with her, we took responsibility for our part to play and begun intensive puppy training – praising her for good behaviour and ignoring the bad. She has significantly improved already! Of course, mistakes happen – she gets over-excited and nips at our fingers or clothes, but we always remember that she is still learning the ropes and understanding the nature of our relationship so patience and compassion are very much required.

If you think about it, our scenario with Georgie is not too dissimilar to human relationships in our lives! So too, we need to take responsibility for how we set up and maintain boundaries and parameters in all of our relationships. Where we have a relationship that isn’t working as we would like it to, we should look at what we can do to correct the boundaries of that relationship. Not from a place of punishment or punitive action like what we attempted to do with Georgie, but from a place of love and a commitment to having relationships that enrich and fulfill our lives. Because at the end of the day, the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives. This especially includes relationships with our partners, siblings, children, parents and close friends. Yet equally the quality of our professional relationships with workplace colleagues and clients has an enormous impact on both our success and well-being in the workplace.

In light of this, we have called on coaching masters – Walter and Shana Bellin – to facilitate a two day seminar all about relationships! The Nourishing Bonds – Two-Day Relationship Seminar is designed to give you:

  • A deep understanding of what mindsets and habits within you promote and inhibit the quality of your relationships – including insight into where how these habits and mindsets developed.
  • Knowledge on how to untangle complex emotionally charged relationships.
  • Mastery over resolving destructive conflict when it arises and preventing it before it occurs.
  • Understanding of the role of both communication and listening in promoting healthy relationships – and insights into what inhibits your ability to communicate and listen effectively.
  • Developed personal qualities and skills that improve your ability to communicate and listen effectively.
  • A toolbox of methods that enable you to breathe life and vibrancy into dying relationships – or let go of the relationship in a healthy way if that is appropriate.
  • Ability to complete and let go of resentments and regrets in current relationships, or resentments and regrets left over from past relationships.
  • Greatly improved capacity for empathy, compassion and love as the foundation of your relationships.

This seminar is ideal for anyone who wants to transform relationships that are in trouble, maintain the ones that are in good shape, or create new relationships and friendships – from your closest and most personal ones through to your social and workplace relationships. Potentially interested? Get in touch now for more info – nikki@centredmeditation.com.au. Places are limited.

BTW, in case you are wondering where our dog approval saga is at, it looks like we might get temporary approval while we prove that Georgie doesn’t disturb anyone! Woohoo!