This past weekend, our Centred team embarked on our very own retreat. It was pure bliss! We meditated (a lot), ate, learned, shared, pondered, wandered, and rested. Kevin and I were reminded just how lucky we are to have a team of facilitators who are such authentic, conscious, and compassionate individuals to help fulfill on our vision. We were also so grateful to have Walter Bellin and Robert Meredith all to ourselves to share in their knowledge and wisdom with us. We pinch ourselves each time we think about how fortunate we are to have them as our teachers and mentors. They have more than 100 years of teaching experience and personal practice between them! What a team!!! We realised how important it is in life to be surrounded by people who empower you to be your best self. But above all, we were all reminded over the weekend what a POWERFUL role regular meditation has played and continues to play in our lives. And we are more invigorated than ever to share this life-changing gift with you all. In fact, we’ve devoted our existence to it!

So, to you, our Centred Community, we can’t wait to serve and support you in fulfilling on your life goals in 2019. We have so much in store for you this coming year… from our meditation sessions to our programs, retreats, community events, corporate work and much much more. First up is our first Centred Edge – six week peak performance program of the year with none other than Walter Bellin himself. We can’t think of a better way to kick-start a regular meditation practice, whilst discovering what gets in the way of living a centred, mindful life (not to mention accessing your full potential).