This week, we are beyond excited to be launching our inaugural six week peak performance program in May.

In our many years of experience with meditation, we’ve discovered that an inner state of calm is really only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what meditation has to offer. In actual fact, meditation provides the perfect conditions for profound shifts in our development to occur. Shifts in who we are being for ourselves, and how we show up in the world. You see, human beings are a beautifully complicated species. We are each shaped by a unique genetic makeup which gives us our personality, mood-set, and particular set of preferences. Chuck in the mix our cultural upbringing, environmental context, and a unique sub-set of experiences, influences, and stressors, and we are left with the dynamic nature of who we are and the specific way in which we view the world: our identity.

We have come to see our identity akin to an onion with many layers. Each layer is comprised of all the biases and assumptions we have picked up from our past experience about the nature of people and the world that we carry around with us everywhere we go. They are like different sets of lenses, or glasses, that we subjectively interpret every situation from. And the scary thing is, we often don’t even know we are wearing them! The process of personal leadership development is just like peeling back an onion. Each layer that is discarded unlocks more of our potential, and in turn often reveals a new layer in which to discover and unravel once more. What’s left at the core is our true self – our pure potential – a pursuit well worth pursuing!

We’ve called on Walter Bellin, personal leadership development expert and author of Climb a Different Ladder: Self-awareness, mindfulness, and successful leadership to present a ground-breaking program on cultivating the Centred Edge in all areas of life.

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