The first thing you might notice about our newsletter this week, is that it has come two days late! For our regular readers who revel in our Centred sentiments each week, we sincerely apologise for keeping you waiting…

Without wishing to make excuses, it has literally been just one of those weeks. You know, the ones where everything happens at once!? For us, it was the likes of our retreat coming up in a few weeks time, a deadline for a book manuscript, and our Affirmations workshop on Tuesday night. Not to mention our best friends wedding late into Sunday night, and a 24-hr virus on Monday (for Nikki) and a migraine on Wednesday (for Kevin) to follow!

All of this reinforced for us the importance of having in-built recovery time after intense sprints. Whilst regular meditation helps us keep up with the intensity during a sprint itself, the necessity for R&R once the sprint is over can’t be underestimated. Be it by sleeping in, getting a massage, coming on our retreat, spending time in nature, or watching a movie. Now if you are one of those ‘addicted to achievement’ types, then your default once a project ends is to no doubt get yourself quickly started on the next. You’re probably thinking – sleep in? During the week? How could I possibly do that?! What’s there for you might be a sense of not deserving it or feeling as though you would be slacking off. Yet if you think about it, you were fine to work all those extra hours and compromise your health to begin with. So how is it not okay to spend an extra hour sleeping in and restoring your health at the same time? In fact, we would argue that spending time in recovery is an integral component of the life-cycle of performance itself. It ultimately helps to boost productivity and keep you functioning at your peak long-term. So what are you waiting for? Go for it – guilt free šŸ™‚