With only a few days to go before the end of our early bird discount (and only a limited number of spots left), we thought that we would share with you the profound impact that our Here and Now Retreat can have on your life:

  1. Stress relief and calm on a whole new scale – think about how relaxed you feel from only one session in our studio… now multiply that tenfold or more;
  2. Newfound resilience – many issues that are bothering you right now will seem insignificant by the Sunday afternoon;
  3. Empowerment for action – especially in the areas of your life where you are stuck;
  4. Personal growth and leadership development – boosting your productivity and performance at work and at home;
  5. Self-sufficient meditation and mindfulness techniques to take with you for the rest of your life;
  6. Deep rest and time out from your hectic lifestyle – need we say more?!
  7. Increased longevity – we know this is a bold statement but research shows that meditating extensively whilst on a break can induce specific changes to a network of genes with cellular functions that may be relevant to healthy ageing;

Plus, you’ll be immersed in beautiful natural surrounds, eat wholesome nourishing meals prepared fresh daily, meet other awesome urban professionals just like yourself and hang out with us for three whole days!!!

Early bird investment: $850 pp for a private room with ensuite or $750 pp for a twin share with ensuite. Price includes accommodation for 3 nights, all meals, and full instruction from a team with over a century of experience. Click here to book now.

Located just over an hour from Sydney CBD at 150 MacArthur Dr, Wilton. Feel free to contact us for information on carpooling or public transport.

Click here for full rundown on the retreat.