So you’re thinking about becoming a meditation teacher. But there are so many different programs to choose from, right? Here are 10 things that make our program different from the others.

1. Transformative Experience

Our program doesn’t just give you meditation teaching skills, it transforms you into a meditation teacher. During the 14 weeks, you embark on a powerful journey of inner growth where you dispel self-limiting belief structures, shift stuck behavioural patterns, and unleash your human potential.

2. Effortless Approach to Meditation

Meditation does not have to be hard! In fact, our technique is so easy that ANYONE can and looks forward to doing it. It requires no mental control, no focus, and no concentration whatsoever. This means it is highly accessible to absolutely everyone.  Don’t believe us? Do the experiment yourself!

3. No Cookie-Cut Meditation Teachers

We don’t work at the level of your head, we work at the level of embodiment. This means that you experience first-hand all of the material so that it oozes out of you easily and naturally. You never have to memorise text verbatim in our course.

We see it as our job to unleash your innate creativity. The beauty of humanity is that we are all different. We’ve all had unique experiences and circumstances from which we see the world. Your students will be drawn to you because of how they relate to your perspective, your way of explaining concepts, and your way of teaching meditation.

4. Three Authentic Instructors

You get full access and live support from THREE instructors – Walter Bellin, Nikki Janks, and Kevin Janks. Together, we have the combined experience of more than century! We’ve taught hundreds of thousands of people to meditate, run multiple successful meditation businesses, and facilitated hundreds of leadership and culture programs in leading companies around the world. But it’s not what we’ve done that matters, it’s who we are. We pride ourselves in being authentic, relatable, compassionate, charismatic, and insightful.  Our promise is that we bring our FULL selves into every interaction with you.

5. All Live Sessions

The program is conducted live and everyone goes through it together. You can either do the program 100% live-streamed online, or for those in Sydney – you have the option to come into our CBD studio for some of the sessions. We don’t sit and lecture at you – the weekly sessions are engaging, interactive, and uber practical so you embody the material first-hand.

6. Individual Attention in Small Groups & Personal, On-on-One Support

We limit each teacher training cohort to 15 people to ensure everyone has individual attention and support.

Sometimes, some of us need a little extra support. We’ve all been on unique journeys through life and had varying degrees of painful or traumatic experiences. We offer free one-on-one support for those who could benefit from additional coaching.

7. Deep Connection and Lasting Relationships

We only invite individuals onto our program who we know are ‘our tribe’ – people who are passionate about unleashing their potential and making a difference in the world. Centred Meditation operates like a family. Our values are based on mutual trust, deep authenticity, and love. We guarantee you will form deep connections with the other participants of the program and close bonds which will last a lifetime.

8. Weekly Workbooks in Written AND Audio Form

Each week you are given a workbook filled with background information, knowledge, and explanation. You receive a copy in written form as well as audio form as we understand that people learn best differently.

9. No Formal Assessments

We don’t conduct any formal assessments. Since each cohort is so small, we take responsibility for ensuring your competence in all areas of the program.

10. Post-Program Support

Once the program ends, you join a community of graduates who support, empower, and learn from each other. We continue to host regular meetups and masterclasses to upskill, develop, and share knowledge with one another.


Does all that resonate with you? Make sure you check out our Teacher Training program webpage for more in depth details and to see if you might be the right fit for our ‘Centred Tribe’. Contact us on 1300 288 902 for a chat.