By virtue of being born a human being, we all have an innate desire to grow. It’s literally structured into our DNA and is the underlying principle that governs how we grow from the time we’re in the womb, continuing through infancy, childhood, adolescence and through our entire adult life.

This “growth principle” has a genetic basis that’s responsible for the development of our bodies and brains as children and adolescents but it also includes a psychological dimension whereby given the right conditions, we naturally want to grow and mature psychologically as individual people, not just to grow up physically.

And then this funny thing happens when we reach adulthood. We’re told that we’re all grown up…there’s no more growing that needs to be done. And we believe it! And we become stuck in our evolutionary process. We become stuck on a treadmill whereby we’re running as fast as we can for more money, more status, more fame, more recognition, and yet no matter how fast we run, we never actually arrive with that ultimate satisfaction we were hoping for. Or we get paralysed by a fear of the unknown, a fear of getting too far outside our comfort zone, a fear of not being capable enough.

The truth is that when we reach adulthood and we’ve finally finished growing upwards, we get to embark on a journey in the greatest direction of all…inwards. We get to develop, to evolve, to self–renew, to realise our potential. And we do this by looking back on our journey upwards to date and unpacking all the assumptions we mistook as facts, the beliefs we mistook as truth, and the self-limitations we mistook as our identity. We unlearn and undo all the ways we wound up being that no longer serve us and get in our way of unleashing our potential. We discover all the treadmills that we’re out of breath on and jump off if we so choose. We confront our fears and re-discover our true self and then express ourselves powerfully to the world around us.

Effortless Meditation is the most powerful technique we know for catalysing this journey inwards. Just by closing our eyes everyday and engaging our mind in an easy, enjoyable process, we automatically unwind pent up stress in our physiology and buried emotions in our subconscious mind. And we can fast-track this journey inwards by combining our meditation with inner growth processes where we shed light on unproductive emotional patterns and behavioural reactions and use techniques to break these relenting cycles,

This is the philosophy behind all of our programs at Centred Meditation. In three-days on our Here & Now Retreat, six-weeks on our Centred Self program, or three-months on our Centred Life program or Meditation Teacher Training courses, we go to work on fast-tracking your journey inwards through the potent combination of Effortless Meditation and Inner Growth work. It’s the greatest journey of your life so don’t hesitate to take the next step with one of our programs now! 🙂