We are in uncharted territory.

These times are unprecedented and the uncertainty is destabilising and unsettling.

We’re told to self-isolate and to socially distance ourselves, and this is breeding loneliness, worry, disengagement, and panic.

It’s so easy (and natural at a time like this) to become overwhelmed by fear (see our story below). Yet when we act from fear, we make irrational decisions and take selfish actions.

You, our Centred Meditation tribe, are Meditators. And Meditators know first-hand that there is a place within all of us which is beyond the fear, beyond the chaos, beyond the treadmill of survival.

You have the opportunity to be the beacon of light upon your family, your community, and your workplace.

We urge you to feel the fear (suppressing it doesn’t work), but don’t be run by it. Sense it in your body as physical sensations, accept it, lean into it, make room for it. And then towards the end of your meditation, when you experience the peace, the calm, and the love – your true nature – make decisions and take actions from that place instead.

Our Story

We were lucky enough to spend three days on our Here and Now Retreat over the weekend. We were in a bubble of calm, connection, unity, and empowerment. It was sensational, heart-warming, and life-changing for our guests. And then we returned on Sunday night to a new world. It felt like a scene from the ‘Tomorrow when the world began‘ series.

It was easy to get sucked into the fear. “How will we pay a fortune in city rent if everyone cancels/suspends their passes”. “Will Centred Meditation survive this”? “Will we be able to pay the mortgage”?

And then we came to our senses. People are in trouble.

  • We have people fueled by anxiety and stress by the uncertainty of their future who need a concrete way to calm down and switch off their fight or flight mode.
  • We have people worried about contracting the virus who need tangible ways to increase their immunity.
  • We have people in isolation, with no face-to-face contact with others who are suffering from anxiety, loneliness, or bordemn.
  • We have workforces sent home and people told to work ‘productively’ in a different environment than what they are used to with so many distractions around.

We realised that the world doesn’t need us in survival mindset right now, it needs us in thrive mindset.

People need to be empowered, reassured, and supported. We have access to this powerful technique of meditation that increases immunity, enhances emotional wellbeing, and boosts productivity. And we have created a beautiful community which needs to be nurtured more than ever right now.

So instead of pulling back and withdrawing (survival mindset), we decided to focus our efforts on giving and expanding (thrive mindset).

What we are offering

  1. Business as usual in the studio (with reduced capacity to 15 guests, and increased hygiene).
  2. LIVE streaming of our studio sessions for those working from home.
  3. Exclusive programs for our members (unlimited pass & 10 pass pack holders)
    1. Workshops on themes related to the situation from us and expert speakers (including talks on switching to the thrive mindset, simple exercise routines to do at home, nutritional advice on enhancing immunity etc). [Our first one is this THURS on ‘Thriving Through Fear’ – reserve spot here]
    2. Online facilitated discussions to connect with others and talk about the situation each day.
  4. A Centred Meditation Facebook group to support one another during these times, either emotionally or physically (e.g. requesting supplies from your tribe if you are running low). Join by clicking here.

How to access LIVE streamed sessions

  1. Click here and sign into your MINDBODY account to make sure you are opted in to our email/text notifications (you only need to do this before the first time you book into a live streamed session).
  2. Go to our timetable webpage or app and reserve your armchair as usual in the session of your choice.
  3. Check your email inbox or phone for a unique link.
  4. Click on the link a few minutes before the session (it will prompt you to download ‘Zoom’ if you haven’t already so leave extra time the first time you do it).
  5. Either keep your video on (like you would in the studio), or turn it off if you prefer (we decided to allow guests to know who else is live streaming so you can feel connected and sense that you are part of a community meditating together).

What we are encouraging

  1. Be the shining light acting from a thrive mindset in your family/community/workforce.
  2. Support cafes and businesses around you.
  3. Video call your most vulnerable friends/relatives/colleagues who are isolated at home, and teach older people to use Facetime or Skype!
  4. Meditate twice a day, and encourage your friends/relatives/colleagues to do the same!
  5. Instigate a meditation session or workshop at your workplace (we are LIVE streaming with all of our companies at the moment and helping tremendously with culture and productivity).