At our friends birthday party a week ago…

he was excitedly telling us about his new rock climbing hobby.

There is an indoor centre in St Peters that he frequents and he shared about how fun it was.

He asked if we would like to join him sometime.

And in a moment of inspiration, we agreed.

Fast forward to our scheduled playdate on Thursday evening and we couldn’t help but regret our decision.

After a long week of work, it’s the last thing that we felt like doing.

The call of ‘Designated Survivor’ (the series we are watching on Netflix at the moment) was all too strong and we were very tempted to bail.

We seriously contemplated pulling out, but our core value of integrity prevailed.

So we did what we originally agreed to and went along.

And how glad we are that we did!

It certainly took us out of our comfort zones!

The place was packed and everyone looked like Pros compared to me (Nikki) who last rock climbed at a kids birthday party back in primary school, and Kevin who last partook in such an activity in 12 years.

Countless times during a climb I didn’t think I would make it to the top of the wall.

Yet with the encouragement of Kev and our friend, I kept going and to my surprise, I always made it.

We left the place on a high!

It was so fun to do something different and challenge ourselves both physically and emotionally.

On the way home…

we reflected how in a moment of inspiration, it’s common to accept an invitation, but when the daily grind gets ahead of us, it’s easy to become complacent and cancel.

Yet each time we choose adventure over apathy, we honour that inner spark inside of ourselves and reveal more of our full potential.

Something to keep in mind, the next time you are tempted to bail on an arrangement 😛