Life can be exhausting.

There are endless action items to tick off, errands to run, and concerns to worry about – it’s literally incessant.

Want to know a secret about me (Nikki)?

I have a tendency towards workaholism.

And I’m a recovering perfectionist.

Left to my own devices, I would keep ticking off those items until the wee hours of the morning.

Sometimes Kevin needs to drag me away from my laptop.

I had to learn to force myself to stop.

Every day.

Twice a day.

For 30 minutes each.

It was hard at the beginning.

I felt guilty.


But once I started to reap the benefits, it became a non-negotiable.

Kinda like brushing my teeth.

Only for longer.

Today, I can safely say that I have no idea where I would be without meditation.

On the days I don’t meditate, I get a glimpse, and it’s certainly not pretty.

Then every so often, I force myself to go on holidays.

In the past, I’d be going going going, and then suddenly need a break instantly.

So now I book it in advance.

Even if I don’t feel like it yet.

When my mind tries to tell me I don’t deserve a holiday, there is too much to do etc, I tell it to be quiet and book it anyway.

Then I discovered its backed up by science!

According to a research study published in Translational Psychiatry (Nature), holidays help the body repair and recover on a cellular level.

It’s called the ‘vacation effect’ and it manifests as improved regulation of the stress response, immune function and amyloid beta (Aβ) metabolism.

That’s one to tell the Boss when you next ask for leave!

Or your mind when it tries to tell you otherwise.

And, it doesn’t even have to be a big long fancy overseas holiday to get the desired outcome.

The study found that meditating extensively whilst on a break can induce specific changes to a network of genes relevant to healthy ageing (the telomeres) and provides additional benefits to cellular health beyond merely the ‘vacation effect’.

So something like our Here and Now retreat on the 19th-22nd September is perfect!

Not only do you learn to meditate using a self-directed effortless technique which you can competently practice on your own upon return, it’s also an opportunity to eat wholesome food prepared fresh from the veggie garden, be immersed in natural surrounds instead of the usual urban jungle, and meet awesome like-minded meditation-loving urban professionals, all whilst relieving the detrimental effects of pent-up stress deep in your physiology.

Our past retreat-goers will attest to the fact that you return home on Sunday evening after only three days feeling levels of calm and wellbeing akin to having been away for an entire month!

We find that often people have misconceptions about what a retreat really is or some concern around it that isn’t necessary true.

Beds are booking up fast (we aren’t ones to use this phrase as a marketing ploy, they really are!) so if you are the least bit intrigued but have some concern or barrier – we would absolutely LOVE to have a conversation with you to explore whether it is indeed something for you, and to support you in making it possible if you decide it is.

Call us on (02) 8006 1403 or email info@centredmeditation.com.au NOW.