Stress is what brought us to meditation originally.

I (Nikki) sought to lower my anxiety levels and reduce my back spasms, and Kevin sought to rid himself of the violent nightmares and recurring glandular fever.

In reality, we had NO idea what we were actually getting ourselves into.

It literally changed the trajectory of our lives.

The fact that the anxiety, nightmares, and glandular fever went away is nothing compared to what meditation has actually done for us.

Essentially, it sparked us to embark on a journey of a lifetime…

Effortless meditation has four fundamental effects on our psychological development:

  1. Waking up: expanding our level of consciousness/awareness which in turn transforms our relationship to ourselves, others, and the world.
  2. Clearing up: liberating us from our self-limiting behaviours by clearing up the underlying mental and emotional states which initiate the behaviours.
  3. Growing up: facilitating our evolution through the higher stages of adult development.
  4. Showing up: enabling us to express the fullest potential available to us in all areas of our lives.

Apart from our regular meditation practice, the countless courses, retreats, programs, and teachings we have engaged in over the years have intensified these four fundamental effects on our own lives.

And we are beyond grateful to all our teachers, facilitators, coaches, and mentors who have helped facilitate these effects.

So now we are more inspired than ever to empower others to enhance these powerful effects themselves.

That’s why last year, we joined forces with the renowned Walter Bellin to create the Centred Edge Peak Performance Program.

Walter has extensive experience in the personal and leadership development space and has worked in the public and private sector for more than 50 years.

On Tuesday 30th July, we kick off our sixth Centred Edge program and we invite you to join us on this six week life-changing series.

During the program you explore:

  • The effortless meditation technique; why it is so effective and how to practice it on your own.
  • The four fundamental effects; the mechanism behind these effects and how to facilitate the speed and depth that they take place.
  • The socially-emotionally conditioned mindset; how you got to think, feel, and act the way you do.
  • The stress cycle; bringing awareness to the predictable mechanism of your internal reactionary patterns and effective methods of intervention.
  • Emotional-social intelligence; why it’s key to successful leadership and how to build it.
  • Personal peak performance; assessing where you are at and cultivating qualities in the higher adult developmental stages.

The experiential program includes six consecutive sessions of an hour and a half each (Tuesdays from 6:45 – 8:15pm), informative workbooks, engaging home-play, insightful coaching, and ongoing support.

Participants from our past five programs have reported that the Centred Edge program instigated major positive and permanent shifts within themselves, their personal and professional relationships, as well as their ability to access more of their full potential in their work, family, and other commitments.

We would love to support you in embarking on this journey with us.

If you are interested in the program but there is currently a barrier in the way, please reach out.

We offer a contingency plan if you can’t attend any of the sessions and a financial plan if you can’t afford the payment upfront.

Please get in touch now if you have any questions at all!