The time has come… for you to come on our retreat!

In just over 4 weeks, we are hosting our fourth Here and Now retreat. Our retreats really are our favourite time of the year… it’s our opportunity to recentre, reconnect, and recharge both personally and for the people we have the privilege to host.

Since we started running retreats, we can’t tell you how many times we have heard our guests remark: “Next time”. It’s common as human beings for part of us to really want something, and another part to be somewhat afraid and so we find reasons and justifications for why it can’t happen now.

We know that our retreats are one-of-a-kind. We know that they are life-changing. And for those of you who have that little spark inside of them which says: “wow…imagine what difference it would make to me”, then we want to support you in coming along. So we thought we would anticipate a number of questions that you might have, and in the process dispel any concerns that might get in the way of you being there.

  1. I’ve only just started meditating, won’t it be too advanced for me?
    No. As you will have seen in the retreat video, we have had guests attend with meditation experience ranging from 0 to 15 years. We bring everyone right up to speed in competently and confidently practicing a self-directed technique which you can easily practice on your own post retreat.
  2. I’ve been meditating for over 15 years, aren’t I beyond it?
    No! Walter and Robert (co-hosts of the retreat, who have been meditating for over 50 years) strongly suggest (and do this themselves) attending two retreats a year. The stress relief and self-awareness that occurs on a retreat is worth months and months of daily meditation practice.
  3. I don’t want to change who I am.
    You definitely won’t change the productive parts of yourself. If anything, you will rid yourself of the unproductive aspects. You will uncover what no longer serves you and begin to access more of your true potential.
  4. What does the program look like?
    Essentially, it is a combination of sitting meditations, walking meditations, eating meditations, and coaching sessions to debrief the meditations and assist in your progress.
  5. How will I feel at the end of the retreat?
    Relaxed, at peace, clear-headed, centred, empowered, and inspired.
  6. I don’t know anyone coming, won’t I feel lonely?
    Most people don’t know anyone else coming. You will have a lot in common with the other guests and feel right at home in no time at all. Most past participants express that one of their favourite parts of the retreat is the people they met and the overall dynamic of the group.
  7. What is the food like?
    All meals are vegetarian and prepared fresh (mostly from the garden). They are absolutely delicious and another favourite for the participants!
  8. Are the rooms comfortable?
    Yes. All rooms have an ensuite and are super comfortable. They have a ‘winter cabin’ vibe to them.
  9. I don’t drive, how will I get there?
    We will attempt to find someone who lives near your area to give you a lift. Or, you are welcome to take the train to Picton (15 mins away) and we will collect you from there. The retreat centre is 1hr10mins from the Sydney CBD.
  10. I can’t afford it right now.
    We would hate for this to be your only obstacle. Please speak to us about a payment plan and we will work something out together.

Call 8006 1403 or email info@centredmeditation.com.au for any other questions that you have and to reserve your spot now. We’d absolutely love to support you in finally making it to our Here and Now Retreat.