We just spent an amazing week up in Far North Queensland for my (Nikki) Dad’s 70th Birthday. The whole family went up to Port Douglas to celebrate: my sister, brother-in-law and their kids, my aunt and uncle, a few of my parents close friends, and my brother and sister-in-law all the way from America. What Kevin and I became present to was how important family is to us. It was so special to be spending so much quality time together. There was such love, connection, and fun in the air. We were all there to acknowledge who my Dad is and how important he is to us – and above all, to enjoy each others company.

On top of it, there’s something about being on holidays that has us feel so alive, isn’t there? It’s like we get to remove the usual to-do list and allow ourselves to just be and do as we please. It’s a liberating feeling, full of excitement, adventure, and presence. We recognised that this is the very experience we ourselves are constantly striving to cultivate in our everyday life. And finally, we can safely say that the majority of the time, we do experience this way of being! Though regular meditation, mindfulness, and coaching – we are giving ourselves the greatest chance of being the best version of ourselves and living the most fulfilling lives we can. Of course, challenges still come our way (you hear about the majority of them), but we are well equipped to deal with them. Because as we’ve remarked countless times before, it’s not our circumstances that dictate our experience of life but rather who we are in the face of them.

We’re here to support you in having the same. That’s what Centred Meditation was created for three years ago last Saturday (on a side note, come and celebrate our Birthday with us next Wednesday night)! Through our meditation passes, our Centred Edge peak performance program, Here and Now meditation and mindfulness retreat, corporate meditation and leadership training,  and our community gatherings and workshops, we are committed to you being the best version of yourself and living the most fulfilling life you can too (however that looks for you).