What a week! We have just finished four days worth of celebrations as part of the SURPRISE wedding that I (Nikki) instigated the organisation of three months ago. Like most people I mentioned this to along the way, you are probably thinking ‘what on earth is a SURPRISE wedding’? I guess you deserve an explanation…

Over a year and a half ago, my best friend and her now husband got engaged. They were completely over the moon and felt so satiated by the mind-blowing proposal and the beautiful engagement party that they didn’t want to plan the wedding yet. Besides, my friend was about to embark on an intensive three month meditation teacher training course in India. Soon after she returned, they decided to pick up their lives and move to Melbourne (a dream they had toyed with in their minds for quite a while) and it was right after they settled in that the unexpected news hit – she was pregnant! This was certainly not something they consciously had on their agenda for at least another few years and understandably it was quite a shock to come to terms with [Side note… isn’t it funny how life works? One best friend tries desperately to fall pregnant whilst the other spontaneously falls pregnant without even trying!?]

They had always discussed how when they finally started a family, they definitely wanted their immediate families around so they practically did a U turn and came right back (very admirable of them). Whilst they got stuck into preparations for the new arrival (which involved the likes of looking for a job, finding a place to live, learning about pregnancy and parenting, going for check-ups etc) it dawned on me that there was no way they were going to plan a wedding before the baby came, and that it would be at least another 2 years before they would after that, and chances are it might never end up happening. I knew that my friend really did want to get married to the love of her life – so I had the crazy idea to rally up both sides of their families and plan the wedding for them (as a surprise)!

Three months worth of WhatsApp messages back and forth, countless conversations, and a number of meetings later, I can proudly say that we actually pulled it off! The couple said it was literally the best wedding they could have ever dreamed of. They were beyond happy and grateful and it was a really special feeling to bask in their infectious love for one another and the people around them. They really are such a powerful partnership – one of the ones you just know was always meant to be. They have immense respect and admiration for each other and express their love so deeply and profoundly. What inspires me most about their relationship is how authentic it is. Let’s face it – relationships take work! Yet the most important ingredient (which they demonstrate so beautifully) is the necessity of taking responsibility for our own personal development each and every day. When we work on ourselves, we automatically work on the relationships around us. The newlyweds are a perfect example of what true love looks and feels like (hint…its not just sunshine and smiles 24/7). I love them both with all my heart and wish them an extraordinary life together filled with continued growth and exponential love that continues to shine it’s inspirational light on everyone around them!