While Kevin opted to watch the rugby on Saturday night, I (Nikki) headed over to a friend to watch the royal wedding (along with one billion others apparently). To be honest, it felt kind of strange being a spectator at such an intimate moment for two people that I don’t even know. A wedding is such a sacred affair – it marks the union of two people who are declaring to spend the rest of their lives together.

Like most people watching, we couldn’t help but judge the outfits, analyse the crowds, and assess the speakers. Yet I actually found myself more interested in wondering what William and Harry were chatting about as they walked to the Church. And what Meghan’s mum was feeling in the car ride over. I pondered what thoughts were running through Harry’s head as he watched his Bride walking down the aisle towards him. And the kind of chat that took place at Meghan’s first meeting with the extended royal family. I got connected to the fact that they are more human than royal, and deal with the same everyday concerns that we all do; Difficult family dynamics, fertility challenges, relationship troubles etc.

My friend and I commented at the time on what a ‘fairytale’ the wedding was and how lucky Meghan was to marry a Prince, but on further examination I realised that it was no more of a fairytale than my own life. I can safely say that I have the marriage of my dreams and at the end of the night, I couldn’t have been more happy to be going back home to the man of my own reality! Kevin and I experience magic every time we see each other and most importantly, we know that whatever circumstances have and continue to come our way, we are completely empowered to deal with them together. If that’s not a fairytale, what is?

Now reading that, you might instinctively remark that Kevin and I are merely lucky. But the truth is, we work on it! Every single day. Living happily ever after doesn’t just get handed to you on a silver platter and it’s not the luck of the draw. You see, a fairytale life doesn’t look a certain way, it feels a certain way. And that feeling is available to everyone…but we need to actively cause it for ourselves. It takes action and re-action. It takes courage to look authentically at what isn’t working – within ourselves and in our environment – and a willingness to take responsibility and transform it. Our secret to happily ever after? Regular meditation and ongoing coaching.

We’re committed to helping everyone live their version of happily ever after. That’s literally why we created Centred Meditation. Through our guided meditations, peak performance programs, and retreats – we’re passionate about making these life-changing tools and techniques accessible to everyone. So take advantage of us and reserve your armchair now.