I’m eight years old sitting at the hairdresser after school. It’s fun to be fussed about and I’m enjoying the pampering. The hairdresser decides to cut my hair to just below my ears to make it nice and healthy. I return home, head to the bathroom, look in the mirror and burst into tears, sobbing: “I look like a boy!!!” The result? I haven’t cut my hair short since. Until 12 days ago, that is!

Over the past 6 months, I’ve been contemplating cutting my hair to my shoulders. I’ve just felt drawn to it. Yet understandably I’ve been SO apprehensive! The funny thing though is that I wasn’t afraid it would look bad, because I knew it will always grow (I’ve grown up in the past couple of decades). I was more afraid of the prospect of it looking good and my long haired days being forever gone! Humans are weird, right?! I knew this unhealthy attachment was a good opportunity for self-development so I made an appointment with the hairdresser.

I was discussing my upcoming chop with a couple of good friends and they added an interesting perspective. “Your hair carries weight. Both literally and metaphorically. It grows out of your head – the source of all your thoughts. Your hair bears witness to your experiences and their corresponding emotions. In a sense, it is indicative of your past baggage which you carry around with you – for better or for worse. So think of your hair cut as a ritual in letting go of the past and embracing the future”.

During my hair cut, I did just that. Lo and behold, my nerves went away and it just felt right. Looking in the mirror at the end result, I felt lighter and more free. It was as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I realised how beneficial this kind of ritual could be on a regular basis for everyone (without the need to chop one’s hair off). To consciously process past thoughts, emotions, and experiences that you’re ready to let go of, and actively embrace a blank slate with limitless possibilities ahead. It could be a weekly Monday morning ritual, or a monthly new moon routine. Whatever the case, I couldn’t recommend it more highly 🙂