Wow – what an unbelievable meditation and mindfulness retreat we just had, alongside14 incredible individuals who we had the privilege of hosting. Sometimes it takes stepping out of the hustle and bustle to realise how fast-paced and erratic our lives really are, and we personally could feel ourselves ‘decompressing’ the moment we set foot in the natural surrounds of the beautiful Brahma Kumaris retreat centre in Wilton. It was truly an honour to facilitate alongside our mentors – Walter Bellin and Robert Meredith – and impart such a huge difference in the lives of our guests. It reinforced to us once again the power of a meditation retreat in boosting the effects of meditation enormously. If you missed out, then watch this space for another retreat in the first weekend of September!
In the mean time, there is the regular practice of meditation 🙂 This week, we are encouraging all urban professionals in the city to ‘reclaim their lunch break’ at our mini pop-up studio at the lululemon store on George Street.  Apparently in Australia, one in five of us report not taking a regular lunch break, despite being legally entitled to one. So, why are we not taking what is rightfully ours?

Our current office culture to always be available is making it the norm to either shorten the break or skip it altogether. The blurred lines between our work and personal life are becoming increasingly hazy as our emails now have the ability to stalk us thanks to the invention of smartphones. Our boss expects an answer to a question immediately, no matter if we are sitting on the office toilet or watching the final episode of Homeland with our significant other (husband, wife, or furry friend) and a glass of vino.

Are you one of many who report feeling too uncomfortable to take a proper break with looming deadlines, growing workloads and judgemental looks from colleagues whenever they notice you trying to sneak off as soon as lunchtime hits? Perhaps you try and compromise by bringing your lunch back to the office, but even then you know you will be bombarded with “I know you’re eating, buuuut…”

As you know, we have a solution. We’ve made it super easy for you to pop in and out of our studio for 30 minutes of pure relaxation and have you back at your desk with a greater sense of calm, clarity, and confidence in no time. Do you have any colleagues that need a reminder it’s OK to leave the office too? Encourage them to follow your lead by inviting them along to a session COMPLIMENTARY this week (except during our peak times of 12:15pm and 1:15pm) in honour of our campaign. Just reply to this email with YES PLEASE and we will reserve an armchair for them in a session of their choice.