The year is well on its way, isn’t it?! The pressure is on, the demands are in full swing, and stress is at an all-time high. Even though stress is common, it does not mean that people shouldn’t find ways to manage it when it becomes too much. If writing things down or speaking to family/friends about various thoughts hasn’t helped, then maybe alternative methods such as trying CBD related products could be the answer, as they are said to have calming properties. Click here for more information on these products, especially if stress is playing a large part in doing simple daily tasks.

We find that it’s easy at this time to fall into the ‘too busy’ trap. Too busy to exercise, too busy to cook healthy meals, too busy to meditate. Yet the reality is that it is in our busier periods that these essential practices are needed the most. In fact, when it comes to meditation, it’s when we recommend for our guests to actually increase their weekly dose. You see, when you meditate, you begin to relieve stress from the physiology – your cortisol decreases, your blood pressure reduces, and your muscles relax. What’s more, your focus and attention increases, your creativity enhances, and your overall productivity improves. So it’s meditation that will actually help you cope more effectively with the demands at play and ensure you perform at your best.

Now, how do you deal with not having the actual time to meditate? Well we like to encourage our guests to recognise that there are 24 hours in the day and each of us actively chooses how we allocate those hours. When we claim that we are too busy to meditate, what we are really saying is that there are other activities that we have decided to prioritise above meditation. There is nothing wrong with this and we certainly don’t need to feel guilty about it. However, we find it helps to take ownership over our part to play rather than using ‘too busy’ as an excuse and essentially avoiding being responsible for doing anything about it. From this place, we then have an opportunity to get re-connected to the fact that meditation will in fact help our situation, and then get to work on how we can prioritise it higher. This might look like tracking where you use your time throughout the day and establishing whether there is another activity you can sub it for or simply adapt in some way. For instance, meditating on your commute, skipping the episode on netflix or waking up 20 minutes earlier. We also find it helps our guests to reserve their armchair online and add it into their diary. They then treat it like any other meeting or appointment, re-scheduling immediately if something comes up last minute. If you don’t already have our free scheduling app, download it here to reserve armchairs efficiently on the go.