Have you ever asked yourself… what does a life well lived look like to you?

For us, a life well lived looks like an intimate connection with the people around us, a deep sense of purpose driving all our actions, a spark of adventure in every activity, a backdrop of contentment and centredness, and a constant process of self-discovery and inner-development.

Now it begs the question, how close/far are you from that life you described? We surveyed 1300 urban professionals online and found that in over 80% of cases, work stress was starting to take a toll on their health. It’s as if we have stopped working to live and started living to work! Understandably so… In such a busy, fast, and chaotic world, it’s tough to find the time to slow down (or even justify doing so).

Our good friend, Brooke, from The Slow Home Podcast has decided to address this question with the first-ever simple living online retreat. Live Life Simply is a six-week retreat designed to teach us all we need to know about understanding our why in order to realign our priorities and (most importantly) inspire us into action. Including over 25 seminars with 13 expert presenters (we are proud to say that Kevin is one of them) which focus on the likes of meditation, mindfulness, simple productivity, low-waste living, easy whole foods, mindful money, slow yoga, low tox living, slow technology, bringing family members along for the journey, and how to create slow rituals on even the busiest of days. Participants also get access to videos, audio files, workbooks, playlists, and questionnaires, all designed to help us slow down and simplify life not only over the six weeks of the retreat, but for the months and years that follow.

The retreat costs $129US and starts on the 23rd October. The best part is that we can do it at our own pace (in the comfort of our PJs). Unless we are 100% living our description, we see no reason not to 🙂