Wow, what a big weekend…we finally moved into our very own place! Only NOW, you might ask? Well, to bring you up to speed, we got engaged 4.5 years ago and soon after went traveling for 8 months. We got married upon our return and had plans to move out but then Centred Meditation came along and threw a spanner in the works (i.e. our savings were re-directed). We became known as the ‘gypsy Janks’ for a while as we hopped around house-sitting our respective parents and family friend’s homes, until we had enough of all the moving and settled down under Nikki’s parents’ roof for the past 2.5 years. Moving can be a lot to take on, but luckily each time we had a company come and ship our car all over with us (it was a necessity). If you are in a situation like ours and need help moving your car too, you can learn more about it over at carsrelo.com. We would have been lost without our car!

Moving into our own home has been a dream for so long, with the search for the best neighborhoods in charlotte nc and in other locations becoming near second nature, so it now feels very surreal that it has actually arrived! What caught us by surprise though is the bittersweet tone to it. The sweet should be obvious, but the bitter might need more explanation. You see, we are conscious of the fact that we are closing a big chapter in our lives.

Moreover, packing all of your belongings into crates certainly makes you take stock of the life that you have built inside a particular property. Speaking of which, both of us are definitely guilty of hoarding our possessions. At first, we were not sure if we were going to be able to take everything with us to our new home. However, after checking out some of the plastic crate boxes available to buy or hire from teacrate.co.uk and other similar crate hire companies we managed to find enough crates to keep all of our things safe.

Additionally, neither one of us has ever lived outside of one of our parents’ homes for more than 12 months. So whilst it offers an opportunity for true individuation and adventure which we are excited about, the other side of the coin requires closing a mental door behind us which naturally brings up nostalgia and sentimentality. Secondly, it’s been really special living together with Nikki’s parents. You can’t underestimate the bonding potential of those little pockets of time here and there, and the many meals spent chatting about life and the like. So whilst of course there were times that it was challenging not to have our own space, we have also been well aware of how unique this situation has been and how we will fondly look back on this period in years to come.

We came to realise over the weekend how necessary it is to be mindful during transition periods in our lives. Changing jobs, moving countries, ending a relationship. We recognised how important it is to acknowledge the delicate nature of a ‘change’ in general and give it the due time and space that it deserves. To be sad in those moments when we are feeling sad, to be happy in the moments when we are feeling happy, and to understand that change is simply part and parcel of evolution. It offers us an opportunity for growth and development and helps us to uncover inner strengths that perhaps we never knew we had. We thought we would share these sentiments with you this week because we know how many of you are dealing with all sorts of changes and we wanted to reiterate that we are always here to lend a listening ear or share some mindful words to support you through. Don’t hesitate to reach out 🙂