Bummed to be back at work? After taking an extended break, it’s often a common occurrence to experience a sense of post-holiday blues. It’s pretty understandable if you ask us! We usually live such jam-packed lives, constantly plagued by the ‘busy virus’, and continuously under the pump. So when we eventually take a break, we finally get a chance to reset back to our default state and re-discover who we really are when we peel back all those layers of stress. As a result, our mood brightens, our relationships enhance, our mind becomes clearer, and our body starts healing…it feels great! So understandably, it’s addictive.

Well, we have news for you… you don’t have to wait until your next break to feel this good again. Without wishing to sound like a sales pitch, meditation and mindfulness really are an answer. Meditation resets us to our default state and mindfulness helps us to maintain it. Science has shown that when someone meditates, their body starts to de-stress and their mind gets a chance to ‘debug’ itself. The result is Calm. With this calm, comes a clarity of mind to make better decisions and the confidence to enact sustainable change both for themselves and the world around them. Not to mention the myriad of cumulative benefits it has to their health and wellbeing.

If you ask us, instituting a consistent practice of meditation and mindfulness truly is the resolution that underpins all resolutions because it’s natural byproduct is that we seamlessly implement all the rest! For instance, according to data collated from google search terms, the three most popular New Year’s resolutions are: 1) get healthy, 2) get organised, and 3) live life to the fullest. Ask any consistent meditator and they will confirm that meditation and mindfulness have significantly helped with all three.

Life is precious and we all have the right to be healthy and happy. You’re reading this newsletter because at some stage, you agreed. Well, there’s no real reason not to meditate. There are plenty of meditation Apps, Youtube videos and face-to-face classes out there, it’s just up to you to determine which is most suitable and sustainable for you.