We know you get it. The fact that the meditation and mindfulness movement is quickly sweeping across the world as a powerful strategy for busting stress and boosting productivity. You’re an ‘early adopter’, if you will. Like most early adopters, you’re probably eager to share your benefits with your friends and colleagues. But if you’re not armed with the facts, you often run the risk of coming across too preachy or too out-there. We thought we would share some interesting stats with you this week in order to help you become an advocate for meditation and mindfulness in your workplace (if that’s your intention, that is). Another way to help boost team productivity at work to make it easier for all involved is by using online collaboration tools that can help with keeping everything in order and everyone on the same page.

Here’s one for the boss…according to Safe Work Australia, stress costs Australia’s business sector over $10 billion per annum in lost productivity and absence. This is problematic. However, more focus should be on the employees that are being impacted by stress. Stress can be an extremely difficult thing for employees to deal with, which is why some people end up having to take time off work. However, they could instead consider looking at things like marijuana edibles from this Useful website, for example. That’s one way that members of staff can look to reduce their stress, making it easier for them to complete their work.

Of course, another method for dealing with stress is to look at meditation. Not only is meditation a powerful antidote to stress, it has also been shown to increase focus and concentration, enhance emotional intelligence, and unleash creativity. Not to mention improve health and wellbeing overall. With thousands of studies now giving rise to meditation’s effects, it’s safe to say that meditation is a scientifically validated way of sky-rocketing productivity in the workplace, and would make a good part of any wellness program brought in.

Thankfully, many leading corporates have already cottoned on to it. The likes of Apple, Facebook, Google, Goldman Sachs, IBM, Proctor and Gamble, and General Motors to name a few. Aetna estimates that since instituting its mindfulness program, it has saved about $2,000 per employee in healthcare costs, and gained about $3,000 per employee in productivity. In a workforce of 50 000 people, that’s pretty huge!

We are proud to say that Centred Meditation is at the forefront of delivering accessible and high calibre content to some of the leading corporates in Australia. We are excited to announce our four unique offerings to specifically help companies wind down 2016 distinctively and propel them into 2017 powerfully. Feel free to pass them on to your relevant contacts at your work, if you please.

1. Exclusive Urban Meditation
Invite your team to an exclusive guided meditation in our purpose-built urban sanctuary. Whether it’s a prelude to your yearly lunch or a unique creativity booster, we’ll even leave you to your own devices for an additional half hour to conduct the formal component of presentations and ceremonies, or brainstorms and planning.

2. Engaging Mindfulness Workshop/Keynotes
If you are looking for an edge, our tailored workshops and compelling keynotes will ensure your employees effectively bust stress and boost productivity for a more sustainable year ahead. Centred Meditation has delivered workshops and keynote addresses to thousands of urban professionals at some of Australia’s leading companies.

3. Spice For Your Supper
Mindful eating is an emerging arena that has sparked the interest of health and wellbeing enthusiasts globally. This popular phenomenon encourages its adherents to eat with present moment awareness, devoting all of one’s attentional resources to the full spectrum of the meal in front of them. Centred Meditation’s unique approach also serves participants with a deeper reminder of the importance of maximising opportunities, both personally and professionally. Apart from the obvious added enjoyment that comes with utilising such a technique, research has shown that mindful eating also has the capacity to improve one’s digestive system and assist in weight loss. It’s also a whole lot of fun! Why not incorporate a mindful eating component to your yearly end-of-year lunch or dinner?

4. The Present Of Presence
If you are looking for a unique gift to truly say thank you to your employees for all their hard work (and dare we say, accumulated stress), consider our meditation gift certificates. Whether it is one guided meditation or a week of unlimited sessions, what better gift to impart your greatest asset than that of their own wellbeing?