Over the weekend, it dawned on us that we are already a quarter of the way into 2016! Isn’t it insane how fast this year is going?! We thought it would be useful and appropriate at this stage to encourage you all to take a little pause before the year gets away from you in order to reflect on how you feel you are going since your ‘mind detox for the new year’ a few months back…

Write it, draw it, record it, or think it….however you choose, here are some questions to reflect on over the next week:

  1. Am I on task to achieving all that I set out to achieve this year?
  2. Have I been taking adequate steps to improve myself and my life?
  3. Have I overcome some of the limitations which have set me back till now?
  4. What can I implement from now on to ensure that I am satisfied and fulfilled with myself at the year’s end?

We highly encourage you to a) be honest with yourself, and b) not be too harsh on yourself. There’s still three quarters of the year to go, so now would be a good time to set yourself more intentions and more post-it note or calendar event reminders to keep you motivated!