Now that the silly season is slowly winding down, it’s time to take a bit of space in order to detox your mind and leave you renewed for the New Year.

Here is a 7-Step Mind Detox that we recommend (feel free to make up your own):

  1. Clean Up
    We’re sure there is something you have been meaning to sort through for a while now….Whether it is your home, your cupboard, your desktop, or your inbox. We find that the state of our surroundings can often be an external manifestation of our internal state of affairs. Naturally, the ‘busier’ our daily lives, the messier our surroundings become as we simply don’t have the spare time to clean up. By sorting through our drawers, replying to those emails, or deleting those files, it can have a real liberating effect on our minds!
  2. Connect to Those Who Care
    During the course of the year, we understandably get so caught up in getting through our to-do lists that we inevitably let a fair few things fall to the wayside. One of those things might be connecting with friends who aren’t in our immediate network, extended family who live abroad, or acquaintances we met while traveling once upon a time. Take the time to call/text/FB/whatsapp a few of these folk, just to show you still care. It feels awesome!
  3. Reflect on the Year That Was
    Stop doing and start being for a time period of your choosing. Put aside any distractions and just reflect. You can write, draw, talk, or just think. Ask yourself: what significant experiences and milestones occurred in the world and my life during the past year? Is there something I am particularly proud of? Is there something I would have done differently? Am I satisfied with where I am at?
  4. Project into the Year Ahead
    Distractions aside, continue the conversation….What do I hope to achieve by this time next year? How do I want to improve myself and my life? What is limiting me and how I can I overcome it?
  5. Set Intentions
    Get clear on exactly what it is that you want for yourself. Intentions are thoughts directed towards a desired outcome. The research pool on the power of the mind is growing. Placebo, or ‘healing effect’ is one such example, and ‘the observer effect’ in quantum physics is another. So think big but be specific in setting a few core intentions for the new year.
  6. Take Action
    Less words, more action! Get straight on tangible changes you wish to implement and set up a mechanism of reminders for yourself to ensure it happens. Attend a meditation session three times a week. Exercise for half an hour each day and re-focus on eating in a healthy way, as detoxing your body is just as important as your mind. In fact, you could even use an ionic foot bath that removes toxins from your bloodstream if you want to go a step further. Take a look at this foot detox color chart to get a better understanding of how this could help you. Pause to take a mindful breath every hour. Use post-it notes in random places, calendar event reminders on your phone, or a laminated poster in the shower to keep reminding yourself once you get back into the daily grind.
  7. Start Now
    Don’t wait for the year to tick over. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Literally. Start. Now.