It’s been brewing for months now and we are thrilled to finally bring you our newly crafted Centred sequence. We pride ourselves in delivering sequences that are specially formulated for urban professionals and involve a unique fusion of various evidence-based techniques. Whilst our signature sequence’s focus is a cleanse for the mind, our latest sequence is designed to cultivate a greater awareness of the mind-body connection, on top of the usual stress busting and productivity boosting effects that come with meditation generally. Our new sequence contains a soft scan of the body’s outer senses and inner sensations followed by a silent segment of effortless awareness, but with a twist.

To launch, each of our sessions next week (18th – 22nd April) will feature this brand new sequence to enable all of our meditators to experience it first-hand at a time convenient to them. From therein, daily sessions will alternate between our signature sequence and our brand new one, as stipulated on our live timetable.