How often do we reply ‘busy’ when asked how we are?

The fact of the matter is, it’s true! We really are busier than ever before. Between earning a living, family commitments, social arrangements, running errands, managing finances, keeping fit – our life is seriously packed!

But the truth is, we secretly enjoy it. We feel accomplished when we are constantly doing, and lazy when we are simply being. So much so, that from the second our heads lift off the pillow in the morning to the moment they fall back down on it at night, we have become obsessed with constantly doing. Even when we find ourselves with a few minutes to spare, we fill them! We check our emails on the toilet, read the news during breakfast, scroll through social media on commute, call our friend in our lunch break, shop online on the way home. It’s non-stop.

The question we need to ask ourselves is, at what cost? At the cost of our mental health? Our physical wellbeing? Our inner happiness? Our relationships? Our sanity?

When are we going to give ourselves permission to just be? To pause. Breathe. Smile. Get centred. Unless we remind ourselves to press the stop button, we are never going to get off the bus. So our advice to you is to start associating certain cues with an opportunity to pause and get centred. This week, get into the habit of looking up into the sky and taking a mindful breath each time you step outside your office building. Just notice if it makes a difference 🙂