The next phase of COVID-19 is well and truly upon us.

And this brings with it a whole gamut of emotions. From relief to disappointment, from excitement to trepidation, from apathy to anxiety and everything in between.

If we are honest with ourselves, it wasn’t all bad in the end! There were aspects of our new life that we actually got used to and dare we say enjoy and look forward to!

So as restrictions begin to lift and we slowly emerge out of our homes, we have both the challenge and opportunity of creating what our new normal will look like moving forward.

Last week, a group of us discussed just that during our ‘Learnings from Lockdown’ workshop. I thought I would share some of the themes that arose and a plan of action in an attempt to inspire you to reflect on and shape your new normal before a new normal shapes you…


  • TAKING BACK TIME – There was a big sense of how great it was to be in control of our time and where we invest it. Exchanging the old commuting time for things that positively contribute to ourselves, others, and/or the world.
  • THE LITTLE THINGS – There was a real appreciation for how enjoyable and valuable the little things are. Like having family dinners, cooking together, spending time in the garden, having conversations with neighbours, etc.
  • SELF-CARE & SELF-GROWTH – It was so beneficial to invest time in self-care and self-growth. E.g. Going for a run, doing yoga, meditating twice a day, journalling, unpacking what holds us back, reflecting on what life is really about, etc.
  • GLOBALISATION & ACCESSIBILITY – It was really eye-opening how much we can do with technology. Like accessing international speakers, making things accessible to people in rural and remote areas, helping the elderly, etc.

There was also a real concern for how we can maintain these learnings once COVID is over and the rat race is back in full swing. So here is a plan of action for you to implement this week either by yourself or with your family unit or both to help!

Plan of Action

  1. REFLECT: Spend time reflecting on what aspects of lockdown life you enjoyed and want to take with you.
  2. SHARE: Write them down on paper or digitally, or tell somebody about them. You can even write a letter to yourself which you open in 6 months time to remind you of what it was like when you engaged in these aspects and re-inspire you to take them on.
  3. CHALLENGE: Ask yourself what needs to change in your life in order to make room for these aspects to keep going. Can you work one day less a week or from home more, or come home earlier from work, or get up earlier in the morning, or watch less TV? Challenge the part of yourself that says “no way” and really look at if you could make it work!
  4. COMMIT: What are you committing yourself to doing? Write them down and actually schedule when and how you will make them happen to set them in stone.
  5. TAKE ACTION: honour your word! Go out there and make it happen!