This week has been crazy, hasn’t it?

Whilst we’re still coming to terms with the fact that the end of the year is approaching, the Christmas decorations are up in shopping centres and the Christmas playlists are on repeat.

Let us guess, you’ve got endless to-do lists filled with appointments to book, presents to purchase, parties to attend, arrangements to make, and holidays to confirm.

It’s the classic wind up before wind down in full swing!

You probably wish you were on that holiday already, right?

With so much added pressure right now, it’s easy to project to ‘then’ at the unfortunate expense of ‘now’.

To wish away time in an attempt to make space now.

We get it, we find ourselves doing it too sometimes!

Well, we invite you to use this period as an opportunity to practice getting present when it might seem the hardest.

~To come to your senses when you are overwhelmed by your thoughts.

~To observe your physical sensations when you are overcome by your emotions.

~To ask yourself how you can impact the people around you when you are in the depths of despair with yourself.

It’s not easy, but each time you remember to practice, you wire new neural pathways in the brain and make it that much easier for next time.

Until eventually, the external craziness doesn’t affect the internal calm anymore.

P.S. Whilst you are writing that list of yours, don’t forgot to put yourself on it too. Meditation: tick. Massage: tick. Bath: tick. It’ll help make your presence practice that much easier, trust us!